32 never seen before photos of Meanwood through the years

Is this the Meanwood you remember?

By Andrew Hutchinson
Monday, 8th July 2019, 12:57 pm
Meanwood. PICS: YPN
Meanwood. PICS: YPN

These photos have been plucked from the Yorkshire Evening Post archive and predominantly showcase life in the village during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. They feature local landmarks, street scenes, as well as pubs, restaurants and shops that you may remember. And they are also the focus of some news stories from back in the day. MORE UNSEEN PHOTOS: Beeston | Horsforth | Harehills | Headingley | Rodley

The unlit pathway the crosses Meanwood Beck and runs alongside Highbury cricket ground.
The Resolution Well on Stonegate Road which was built nearly 200 years ago for use by passing travellers and the occupants of a nearby house.
The inscription on the Resolution Well.
Nice, neat and new. That's the Meanwood housing estate as it looked in 1922 shortly after its construction.
Elizabeth Nash, chair of Leeds Council Leisure Services Committee, cuts the tape at the opening of a new visitor centre at Meanwood Valley watched by the area's countryside warden Philip Thompson.
Former historic tannery The Sugarwell Works on Meanwood Road was set to be transformed into office space as part of an ambitious new scheme.
Patients at Meanwood Park Hospital sit round the television during visiting time.
A stream meanders through Meanwood on a balmy Victorian summer day in 1887.
Scaffolding encases the Meanwood chimney as it is demolished brick by brick.
Generations of children who had played on a piece of rough land off Meanwood Road now find it is not theirs and is going to be fenced off. A neighbour plans to enclose the land, near Sugar Well Hill, to graze his horses in safety.
A conservationist claimed developers had created a 'Suez Canal' in the heart of Meanwood Valley.
Residents in a Meanwood street woke up, drew their curtains and were startled to find themselves looking out on new neighbours - seven traveller caravans.
Meanwood Beck behind a former dye works at Meanwood Road.
Youngsters at Bentlery Primary were cleaning up are area around the school but cannot shift this car out of Meanwood Beck.
Work continues on a wildlife pond at Meanwood which, say parents, is taking away play space.
Do you remember these shops in Meanwood?
Do you remember Websdales of Meanwood? A family business with more than 50 years experience it specialised in electrical, sales, sales and repairs.
Meanwood Community Shop.
Capitol Parade in Meanwood, home to many shops including Dimensions and Emporium.
The Bywater Buildings in Meanwood.
The main entrance to Meanwood Conservative Club.
More than 10,000 medical records made their way 10 yards across the road to a new home in the Meanwood Health Centre.
The waiting room and part of the reception at the new Meanwood Health Centre.
The windmill at Meanwood, home to the Chadwick Foundry for 150 years until its demolition in 1939.
The location of a proposed traveller site at Smithy Mills Lane in Meanwood.
Hustler's Row nestling among the trees on a hillside in Meanwood.
Pollution inspectors launched an investigation after dozen of fish died in Meanwood Beck. Craig Lindley is pictured with Geoff Jackman.
Meanwood's Tannery Square where cottages had been given a facelift.
A glimpse of quaint Hustler's Row through the trees at Meanwoodside.
Meanwood Woods on the path between The Hollies and Hustlers Row.
Meanwood Woods.
Martin Paine at the site of the proposed 'Urban Farm' at Meanwood Valley.