21 words and phrases you'll know if your granny is from Leeds

Has your granny every told you she's nithered? Or had a go at you for having a coat on indoors as you "won't feel benefit?"

By Sarah Wilson
Thursday, 11th July 2019, 2:41 pm
Sweets, spoggs or spice?
Sweets, spoggs or spice?

Though regional accents can certainly still be heard throughout Yorkshire, there are a number of words and phrases falling out of fashion among the younger population. These are the 25 words and phrases you'll have probably heard your granny say if she comes from Leeds.


Have you ever heard your granny say these phrases?

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Meaning: Exhausted or broken

Example: Can't come out tonight mate, I'm proper jiggered

Can't bide it

Meaning: I can't stand it

This man is really nithered

Example: Oh that's awful news, I can't bide it


Meaning: Trousers

Example: 'Ere, 'ave you seen my kegs about?

Were ya born in a barn?!


Meaning: Alleyway, passage

Example: I've just seen 'im go down that ginnel!


Meaning: Shocked, surprised

Example: You got me a present? I'm capt!


Meaning: Hole

Example: Open your lug 'oils! (ear holes) I said he's gone down the coil 'oil (cole hole)


Meaning: Sweets

Example: If you're good I'll get you some spoggs

Side the pots

Meaning: Clear away / clear the table

Example: Don't get up yet! You've gotta side the pots


Meaning: A half pint

Example: Mate did you want a pint or a gil?


Meaning: Playing

Example: We've come round to see if Joe is laikin' out


Meaning: Stool / footstool (pronounced like "tuffet")

Example: Get your feet off that buffet!

Bob into

Meaning: To go into

Example: Just gonna bob int' shop - do you want owt?


Meaning: Until

Example: I'll be working 7 while 10 tonight


Meaning: Gooseberries

Example: Those goosegogs look absolutely delicious

Playin’ pop

Meaning: To tell off or get angry

Example: He's in the dog house, she's playin' pop with him


Meaning: Moody

Example: Ignore her, she's being right maungy

Won’t feel benefit

Meaning: You won't feel the benefit of the temperature change

Example: Take your coat off or you won't feel benefit when we go outside


Meaning: Someone who feels the cold / cold

Example: No wonder she's nithered - she's got practically nowt on!


Meaning: To trick someone

Example: It's Halloween, so we're out nobbling


Meaning: Wearing too much makeup

Example: God look at her, she's absolutely clarted

Were ya born in a barn?

Meaning: Usually said if you fail to close the door on your way in, insinuating that you were born in the wild

Example: Oi close that door - were ya born in a barn?!