20 things you'll only understand if you're from Yorkshire

Us Yorkshire folk are a special bunch - and don't we just know it.

By Sarah Wilson
Monday, 24th June 2019, 4:47 pm

From the superiority of Yorkshire puds to our characteristic stubbornness, these are the 20 things you'll only understand if you come from God's Own Country - otherwise known as Yorkshire.

Southerners are baffled by the way us Yorkshire folk use the word "tea" to refer to both our evening meal and cups of tea. One of our magical powers is always being able to tell which is being spoken about too.
Speaking of tea, all Yorkshire people know that the only drinkable stuff is our beloved Yorkshire tea - nowt beats it.

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Your friends aren't just Mr, Miss or Mrs in Yorkshire - they're "our Sarah," "our Steve" and "our Sharon." Adorable.
We'd shudder at a southerner calling us "darling" or "sweetheart," but in Yorkshire being called "love," "duck," "chuck," or "pet" somehow feels completely acceptable.
As a kid, it was a right of passage to point out THAT house on the M62 as you drove past it - the one where a Yorkshire farmer's typical stubbornness forced builders to lay down a motorway around his house.
Your childhood seaside trips were spent frolicking on the sands at Scarborough, Whitby or Bridlington and wasting pocket money on 2p machines - bliss.
While it might leave others baffled, when someone asks us to "turn off big light" we know exactly what they mean.
Harrogate's too posh, Hull is grim and Leeds is much better than Sheffield - Yorkshire folk love to squabble amongst each other, but when it comes to outsiders we won't hear a word against any part of our beautiful county.
You probably threw up on at least one ride at the Flamingo Land and Lightwater Valley theme parks, but it was totally worth it.
We're made of much harder stuff than softie southerners - you'll rarely catch us in a coat even on cold nights out, and as soon as the temperature climbs above 14 degrees we're in shorts.
The only running you'll be doing on this pub crawl is to the toilet after one too many. And if you haven't done the Otley run you'll almost certainly have run into costume-clad drinkers before.
"Ow much?!" is the battle cry of all Yorkshire people when told how much a pint costs in London - we won't accept any prices over five pounds.
With your Sunday roast or eaten on their own, we know that nowt beats a good home-made Yorkshire pudding.
You'll have participated in several heated discussions with fellow Yorkshire men and women about whether this is called a "tea cake," "bap," or "bread cake." You'll never have agreed on who's correct.
Growing up in Yorkshire, your playground will have been filled with slang that outsiders often have trouble deciphering - that is unless you were "twagging."
"Yorkshire" isn't just a name, it's a way of life - and a chant you won't be able to resist joining in whenever you hear it.
Sure, Reading and Leeds might essentially be the same festival, but we all know the folk are much friendlier and the atmosphere is much better at Leeds...
In London, nobody even looks each other in the eye on the tube. In Yorkshire, you're much more likely to find yourself having a friendly conversation with a stranger on the bus.
"Look, there! Did you see X street appear for a second there? Wait a sec, let me rewind..." We're a proud bunch and delight every time we see Yorkshire on the screen, whether in Harry Potter or on a TV show.
Sure, Yorkshire might not be the only place called "God's Own Country" in the world, but we know it's the only one truly deserving of its name.