The 11 never seen before photos of Wakefield through the ages

Today we turn back the clock to showcase how Wakefield has changed down the years.

By Andrew Hutchinson
Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 10:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 11:41 am
PICS: Getty Images
PICS: Getty Images

These never been seen before images online are published courtesy of Getty Images. READ MORE: The 34 never seen before photos of Leeds through the ages

Police recruits at the Scotland Yard of the North - West Riding HQ in Wakefield - receive instructions in making notes after a car accident.
An L.N.E.R. train arriving at Wakefield railway station.
William Thickett, the contractor in charge of the restoration of the chantry at Wakefield, at work cleaning one of the gargoyles.
Coal miner Ted Pickles at the Denby Grange Colliery near Wakefield. During his two weeks' annual holiday, he works as a circus clown in the seaside resort of Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire.
Children at a school in Hornsea On Sea, built and furnished by Wakefield Authority to enable children to visit the sea side without missing school. The fee costs thirty shillings for three weeks.
A warder at Wakefield Prison on duty.
A man playing the tuba at Wakefield Prison. For the record we have no idea why!
A factory worker at the glass factory at Morley, near Wakefield, where the Belisha Beacons are manufactured. She is carrying four beacon glasses.
Wakefield Trinity's Neil Fox resting after the Challenge Cup final in which he won the man of the match award. Fox became the highest point scorer in the history of the game and won the nickname 'The Points Machine'.
Senior schoolboys enjoying a cigarette in the smoking room at Highfields Grammar School, near Wakefield. The headmaster believes that officially sanctioning the habit for fifth and sixth formers will make it lose its attraction.
A train arrives carrying the two 50-ton main girders of a new bridge to be built over Thorpes Road on the L.M.S. line between Hanbury, Staffordshire and Wakefield.