Why did a former Leeds University student give her dissertation to Hollywood star Reece Witherspoon?

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A former University of Leeds student made her dreams a reality when she handed her university dissertation to Hollywood star Reece Witherspoon.

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Entertainment reporter Lucy Ford was interviewing the Legally Blonde star, along with Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling, ahead of movie release A Wrinkle in Time when she handed over the first-class 15,000 word thesis, much to the delight and shock of Witherspoon.

Lucy, who works in London for Bauer Media, begins the interview by telling the three superstars how much of a fan she is, before moving on to hand over her dissertation, which she wrote four years ago as part of a Cultural Studies assignment.

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Lucy says in the video clip: "Reece, I actually wrote 15,000 words on you once.

"I wrote my university dissertation on Legally Blonde and strong female characters."

When handing over the large file of papers to Witherspoon, Lucy adds: "You can read it, you can burn it, you can clean your windows with it but I thought that was full circle for me, I wrote that four years ago.

Pic of Reece Witherspoon: Ian West/PA Wire

Pic of Reece Witherspoon: Ian West/PA Wire

"I got to watch Legally Blonde 800 times."

Witherspoon responds: "Wow, that really touches my heart.

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"That means a lot to me," to which Lucy adds: "Legally Blonde means a lot to me too."

The clip was uploaded to Lucy's person Twitter account and has been retweeted over 5,00 times and liked nearly 30,000 times.