Barbecue Spare Ribs. PIC: Bruce Rollinson

Restaurant review: Culto, Meanwood, Leeds

The modest parade of shops which fronts Stainbeck Road close to its junction with Stainbeck Lane has seen any number of upheavals over the years as times have changed and businesses have come and gone.


Pub review: Boot and Rally, Meanwood, Leeds

AN old chap in Sheffield gave us a pound to take all of those away,” says Johnny Piercey, pointing out the concrete gardening blocks which hold up the heavy wooden counter at Boot and Rally, the latest addition to Meanwood’s thriving drinking scene.

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Moortown

Your Leeds local election 2018 A to Z: Moortown


Andrews, Gavin Michael - Green Party

Charlwood, Rebecca Marie - Labour Party

Cunliffe, Ross Alexander - Conservative Party

Dowling, Ian George - Liberal Democrats

Dresser, David Stephen - Liberal Democrats

Greenberg, Ian - UK Independence Party

Hamilton, Sharon - Labour Party

Howley, Chris - Liberal Democrats

Miles, Jeff - UK Independence Party

Pearce, Liam Joshua James - Conservative Party

Shahzad, Mohammed - Labour Party

Speed, Rob - Conservative Party

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