Heartbreaking pictures of two dogs dumped and left to starve in Seacroft

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Two dogs that were left abandoned and starving in Seacroft have been rescued by a good Samaritan.

NHS Worker, Kelly Hezelgrave, 40, found the scared German Sherpards, a boy and a girl, on derelict land just off of Brooklands Lane whilst on her way to work.

The two terrified dogs were shivering and huddled together to keep each other warm. It had been minus 2 degrees the night before.

Mrs Hezelgrave said she did not know how long the dogs had been there but the grass beneath then was completely flat so she believes they had been there a while.

The dogs were not chained and it appeared the dogs had been dumped as no one came to collect them.

Mrs Hezelgrave, from Rothwell, contacted the Leeds City Council wardens and fed the hungry dogs her packed lunch until they were collected.

She was later joined by her sister, Niki Barker, who brought the dogs more food and water.

Thankfully, the dogs still had their appetite and wolfed the food down.

Mrs Hezelgrave, who owns a Labrador herself, was heartbroken at the treatment of the poor dogs.

She said: "The female dog was so skinny and she looked so scared like she had no fight left in her

"The boy dog was a bit bigger but still clearly very distressed. I don't know they were used for breeding or any other reasons but it appears the poor things just fell into the wrong hands"

The dogs were collected by Leeds City Council wardens and taken to Flushdyke Kennels in Ossett, Wakefield.

It has since been discovered that the girl dog has an underlying and untreated medical condition which the kennels are now dealing with.

The dogs are being kept together as it is believed they grew up in the same home.

When the girl dog was taken away for medical treatment, the boy dog pined very badly for her, so the kennel plans to re-home them together.

Neither of the dogs will be available for adoption until the female dog is well enough.

Mrs Hazelgrave shared a post appealing for information about the dogs which has received over 8,000 shares and almost four thousand comments from concerned people.

She said she was shocked by how big the reaction was and found was really overwhelming and quite emotional.

She said "I shared the post because I wanted the person that did this to be found.

"It’s given me sleepless nights thinking of the dogs and what could have happened if they were left out there all night on their own.

"I find unbelievable that a human being could do such an awful thing to something that was supposed to be a part of their family."

Mrs Hezelgrave and her band are now trying to raise money for Flushdyke Kennels, to help them rescue more abandoned dogs.

The band, Hobson, will be donating 50p to the kennel from any purchase of their single 'A Thousand Stories.'

The singe can be purchased at www.hobsonband.com/music