Violence in Syria triggers plea from protestors in Leeds vigil

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TERRIBLE events in Syria were brought home to shoppers in Leeds with a protest outside one of the city’s shopping centres.

Around 120 people are thought to have taken part in the vigil organised by the Syrian Association of Yorkshire at Trinity Leeds.

The group wanted to draw attention to harrowing events that have taken place recently in the Syrian city of Aleppo as part of the ongoing conflict that has torn the country apart.

The protestors complained that the international communtiy is failing to take action despite the suffering of civilians and the near collapse of a recent cease-fire.

Sharif Al-Ghazal, from the Syrian Association of Yorkshire said: “It is hoped that the work that has been done helps raise awareness of the plight of the Syrian people.”

Airstrikes and shelling in the city of Aleppo were reported to have killed more than 60 people last week.

Among the victims was the beleagured city’s last paediatric doctor raising new concerns about the health of children.

A ceasefire negotiated by the United States and Russia had quelled the violence in recent weeks.