Zombie Leeds thriller

GORE FEST:  Action from 2.8 Hours Later at this year's igfest.
GORE FEST: Action from 2.8 Hours Later at this year's igfest.
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Bloodthirsty zombies are set to be unleashed across Leeds.

Hundreds of usually mild-mannered residents are set to be transformed into the living dead for a zombie gorefest.

But there’s no need to panic and make plans to flee town.

For the zombie invasion is all part of a new cult in chase games set to be staged at a string of secret locations on the weekend of September 22.

SlingShot – the creators of chase game Zombie gore fest 2.8 Hours Later – are seeking volunteers partial to a weekend sporting an unkempt look.

They will be sent to zombie bootcamp to be trained how to lurk, groan and chase convincingly – and safely.

Played across an inner city backdrop, the game sees multiple secret locations transformed into zombie film sets.

The sets will be populated by a cast of survivors, some good, some not so good.

Players are sent in waves after dark to outwit and outrun zombies as they race from one location to the next, hunting for clues to the whereabouts of Resistance HQ.

The game was a sell-out success when it was premiered last year in Bristol.

It has been described as “completely fantastic and bonkers” by games review site, Beefjack.com.

Leeds City Council, Leeds’ LSx Festival of Technology, and Art in Unusual Spaces, are sponsoring the game in Leeds.

Simon Evans of Slingshot said: “We’re really excited to be able to tour 2.8 Hours Later and it’s all down to the enthusiasm of the people of Leeds. We’ve had a terrific response whenever we’ve played this game as people just love zombies and they love being scared out of their wits.”

The 2.8 Hours Later game will be taking place in Leeds from 7pm from September 22 to 24. Tickets cost from £22 to £25 and are available now from the website www.2.8hourslater.com. For more information call 0117 930 4516.

Billy Pearce.

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