Zombie chase experience coming to secret location in Leeds

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Zombie hunters will come face-to-face with the undead when a 'fully immersive' live experience event arrives in Leeds.

Rundead will take place at a 'classified' location in the city on April 8, and tickets are now being sold for the £28 scare-fest.

The format, which sees participants enter an 'apocalyptic world', has already proved popular in cities such as Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff.

According to the event's website, the game has 'no script, no set path. It will just be you, your team-mates and a city full of the undead. You will be issued with a map and the address of the first location you must reach. Each location will throw you deeper into the world of the undead. You will need to interact with characters, find supplies, survivors clues and the last safe zone in the city.'

The live-action role play features killer clowns and crazed maniacs as well as brain-munching zombies.

The city-wide event starts at 7pm and information is sent in a secret email to players.