Zero waste shop opens in Leeds city centre

A zero waste food shop has opened in the city centre in a bid to reduce harmful waste.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 8:22 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 8:24 am
PLAIN SAILING: Sisters Michelle Arthur and Sam Newton at EcoTopia.
PLAIN SAILING: Sisters Michelle Arthur and Sam Newton at EcoTopia.

EcoTopia was set up by two sisters and is located at Unit 8 in the Central Arcade. It offers a range of sustainable products including fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta, sundries and deli items.

It also sells products such as reusable make-up wipes, handkerchiefs and sanitary towels.

The items are packaged in jars and bins and customers are encouraged to bring their own containers - but glass jars and paper bags are on hand for those who forget.

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The sisters, Michelle Arthur and Sam Newton, were originally hoping to set up the shop using money from their crowd funding page but this has not been possible and they have heavily relied on government funding.

Michelle said: “The first few days were a bit rickety but it’s been plain sailing since. Naturally we’re a bit worried about having the funds to keep us going but I think as words spreads, about us and about the dangers of plastic pollution, more people will choose to shop with us.”

On their first day they sold 57 products, which they see as saving 57 plastic wrappers from being used.

The store is open 7 days a week and stocks a variety of handmade items from independent brands across the country.

They are still asking for people to donate to their page to increase their range of products and help them to buy more equipment, such as a nut grinder and milk dispenser.

See to donate or for more details.