Your tributes: Matthew Norman

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When it came to secondary school, our friendship groups differed - you were football, I was rugby - and we drifted apart. So although I can't speak as much about you for secondary school, I still have many memories of sharing a primary school with you.

You were always a happy guy, that's the main picture that you've ingrained on my memory.

And, unlike me, you had your notions of what is wrong and what is right and you stuck to them.

I remember you sticking up for me when a friend laughed because I was wearing mittens in winter and everyone else wore gloves. I remember you reprimanding me for an immature, bad-humoured joke about a friend's deceased relative. And most notably, I remember being sat on the carpet in Year 3 and you farted so loud that you surprised yourself...your face man - we laughed solidly for about 5 minutes.

And recently, whenever I've seen you, you have always looked happy. You were loud and proud and loved your mates. You spoke your mind, made others laugh and infected people with your happiness. You were a friend and a joy to behold.

That's how I will remember you.



Matty, Matty, what can I say?

Such a loud and magic personality, you breathed life into a room and people you touched. Your playful craziness attracted friends from all walks of life and effected each one of them differently, you enriched people with your fun and laughter, you always shared your smile with the world and wore your heart on your sleeve, you lived your life fast and free and make sure everyone enjoyed themselves alongside you, you have always been the life and soul and you will always be missed by everyone you ever met in the short time you had with us, you made every second count…… RIP friend xxxx

Jemima Kelly


His Infectious personality and cheeky smile will be missed dearly, Our heart goes out to Mathew's family as this sad, distressing time.

All Our love

Maureen, Tracy, Hayley, Charlotte & family!



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