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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)
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Nuclear weapons need eliminating

John Appleyard, Liversedge

The United States government has been threatening North Korea with nuclear war since 1950.

I don’t take sides on this issue, I am against nuclear weapons full stop. But I do accept that a country has the right to defend itself from attack.

The North Korean ballistic missile sent over Japanese territory, a country that knows full well the impact of nuclear bombs, is a further dangerous step in the nuclear stand off on the Korean peninsula.

The background to the latest events is made up of major military manoeuvres involving an estimated 17,500 US troops and 50,000 South Koreans near the border of North Korea. Increased tensions are threatening a real war. When Colonel Gaddafi gave up Libya’s nuclear capacity, the West invaded and killed him, North Korea is aware of this fact.

The Chinese government has warned the US government it does not wish to see the same carnage in the Pacific as that which has been carried out in the Middle East by US-led troops.

All the nuclear countries, including the UK, need to heed the call for a freeze on testing and manoeuvres and hopefully agreement on all sides that nuclear weapons need eliminating.

Staff axed at Asda head office - your views..

Asda has axed hundreds of staff from its head office in Leeds as it cuts costs amid fierce competition in the supermarket sector. Affected staff were told on Wednesday and colleagues said they left the building with “boxes in hand”. A spokesperson for Asda said: “These changes impact around 1100 roles across Asda House in Leeds and George House in Leicester and sadly result in around 300 colleagues leaving us. Today we are making some significant changes to the way we operate our home offices. As you’d expect we have discussed the details of these changes with our colleagues first.” Asda said the bulk of the 300 job losses will be in Leeds and the affected staff were told on Wednesday and have already left. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Alan Williams

They haven’t been a FT100 listed company for nearly 20 years, so there’s no need to have a high profile, high cost building in the centre of Leeds. They could operate out of a cheaper building outside the city quite easily and sell the existing building.

Brendon Bremner Sullivan

I work for another major supermarket doing 
deliveries and it’s cut throat, too many operators and not enough shoppers. Consumers are partly to blame for 
wanting ever cheaper food without the consequences of it and in reality there are too many food outlets all over. Government /councils to 

Philip Gledhill

Trouble is no one has time to shop, so do it online. So in future there’ll be no staff, just computers.

I won’t use self service for that reason. scandalous they way they treat loyal staff members who are no longer needed to make more

Gavin Parkins

Prices are going sky high in Asda lately I’m not surprised people are going elsewhere shopping.

Sharon Spencer

Happened to me 12 years ago. Got made redundant by Asda after 18 years service. 
It was not a nice day when it happened so I know what they’re going through but after a few months I found the job that I’m still in today and as happy now in my job as I was then.

Andrew Postill

Nearly 40 years has Asda head office been there, who remembers when it was Associated Dairies and the dairy was over the road from head office ?

Tony Finn

Asda is just a brand in name only not the Yorkshire firm that started its roots from nothing in Leeds from Associated Dairies. 
Walmart are only interested in efficiency and profit as they are parent company giant. 
Feel for these people, but unfortunately loyalty counts for nothing these days.

Pat Evans

This is so sad for the people involved. Some depend on their wage for their mortgage.

Moira Armitage

Asda have made a profit and more than they thought – so why the redundancies? Shame on you Asda.

A total of 6000 civil servants are to be relocated to a new Government Hub in Leeds in what is the biggest ever commercial property letting deal in the city’s history. In a move which has been long-rumoured the Cabinet Office this week confirmed that 7 & 8 Wellington Place will be the location of a brand new Government Hub in the city. Here’s what YEP readers had to say about the plan on social media..

Renata Ormondroyd

And terrible news for Bradford! Good luck Bradford City Centre and Shipley. Hope the Government gets some trade in to make up for the loss of our departure.

Shaun Pears

That part of Leeds is going to be thriving soon which I think is only a good thing, thanks to things like the Holbeck Regeneration Scheme etc.

Mel Thornton

More of this should happen so everything is less London centric and people can stop whinging about how expensive living in London is. There is more to England than London.

Debbie Varley

Well that’s the car park situation well and truly stuffed. If you don’t live in central Leeds and have childcare to consider, forget working in Leeds.

Nicole Crosby-Mckenna

Sadly these aren’t new jobs, but those taken from people working in Bradford and Shipley who didn’t want to move because they had parking and a decent commute.

Craig Chadwick

Great news for Leeds. Likely to create local jobs as not everyone will want to relocate. Wait until we hear the facts before moaning.

It also puts Leeds well and truly on the national map encouraging other businesses to open up in the area.

Hugh Crow

The decision has been made by the Government Property Unit. It is a relocation but only from other NHS sites in Leeds and HMRC sites in Bradford and Shipley.

There’s no influx of Southerners or similar. Identical hubs are being set up in 13 locations throughout the UK, so every major city will have one. It’ll benefit Leeds for sure.

The whole of the sizeable Wellington Place site - already well populated - will effectively become a sprawling state of the art campus and will look good and will get itself a name. This is the age of the campus.

All the city needs now is Premier League and it’s widely expected that will be delivered in May 2018, if not before.

Recycle as much as possible

David Speight, by email

I am amazed that even when Leeds City Council provide three bins - black bin for landfill, green bin for recycle materials and brown bin for garden and compostable items, so many fail to use these fantastic facilities.

Is it too much for people to give a little thought to which bin they use, and to recycle as much as possible for the future of their children, grandchildren and those generations to follow?

If you are unsure what goes in which bin go on line to

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