YEP Letters: September 9

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How disappointing yet sadly predictable that in the inspiring article about possible future regeneration of Leeds South Bank no mention is made of the potential for urban rail to be the most environmentally friendly method of serving the vast new complex which is already boasting of space for three thousand cars. Yet this area is also to be home to the new HS2 station and ideally suited to an underground Metro station.

There is some lip service to a connection with the third rate trolleybus scheme but anywhere else in Europe if not the world investment of this size would seen underground rail as integral to the vision. This could be achieved by twin city centre rail tunnels serving a number of major central area passenger objectives such as City Square and the South Bank. This is one case where ‘tunnel vision’ is exactly what is required.

As similar Metro systems exist in Glasgow, Tyneside and Merseyside I am at a loss as to why our local transport chiefs and planners cannot – or will not – examine the potential for either a regional or municipal underground Metro system which would mirror in concept if not scale and expense the incredible London east-west CrossRail now under construction.

It is time to dump the anachronistic and hopelessly inadequate trolleybus nonsense and plan for a Metro which befits this city’s status. If local councillors and their unimaginative planners cannot see this then please make way for people who have a grasp of how well planned rail transport can make this city truly great. Please. In my lifetime.

James Bovington, by email

Put money where mouth is

After my letter of last week praising my doctors’ surgery I now find myself in the position of having to defend them.

It is risible to imply there are deficiencies in the Highfield surgery set-up. X represents the professional staff , Y the available hours and Z the patients who regrettably make appointments and then default creating vacancies.

I note that the NHS dentists where I have my granddaughters registered suffer from the same scenario of no-show patients yet the excellent Primley Park dental service, where I am registered, operate a private fee-paying service and seem to have an enviable attendance record.Might be a lesson to be learned there.

Geoffrey Ternent, Holt Park Gardens, Leeds

Cost of living with a disability

I am one of the 120,000 Polio survivors living in the UK with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) who dread the onset of winter.

The devastating late effects of Polio and PPS make coping with the cold exceptionally difficult. Wasted limbs, paralysis and poor circulation allow the cold to creep into muscles and joints and make any form of movement extremely painful and for many; the cost of heating their homes is a real dilemma.

The only meaningful respite those with Polio have is to turn on the heating and yet it is a tragic fact that many are left to suffer because they can’t afford it.

Yet the assistance offered by the government is frankly pitiful. The winter fuel allowance gives £200 to people over 62 and £300 to over 80s towards heating bills. I believe it to be a scandal that no further provision is made for older people with severe disabilities.

In the winter months my heating bills are 30-40 per cent higher than a non-Polio survivor and yet despite the additional need, no extra help is available from the government. I believe that more needs to be done, particularly for those below retirement age who receive nothing.

The British Polio Fellowship’s Winter Warmth campaign assists Polio survivors with the cost of keeping warm, and I am proud to have been asked to launch the 2014/15 appeal.

With the help of the great British public, we aim to raise £30,000 to reduce the shortfall in heating bills, allowing people to stay warm without worrying about the cost. We cannot allow a situation to continue where people choose between eating and heating.

To help, simply call 0800 018 0586 or visit the charity’s website at and click ‘donate. This issue has been ignored by successive governments and it falls to charities like The British Polio Fellowship to pick up the slack. You have no idea what a difference this will make to some terribly cold and vulnerable Polio survivors.

Bryan Rowley, polio survivor

Scots could end Labour hopes

Before R Pearson, D MacFadyen, K Jones and others start crowing over the defection of Tory MP Douglas Carswell to Ukip they should realise if Alex Salmond were to win the referendum in just under two weeks’ time resulting with the loss of 42 Labour MPs in England,the chances of watching their beloved leader ‘Red’Ed Miliband walk into 10 Downing Street would vanish.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Izzard’s acting on radar screen

I must confess that I am probably Yorkshires’ most vociferous critic of TV programme content.

I don’t know if I have got wiser over the years or just less tolerant!

The garbage on offer is, in my mind, beyond belief and I really do not need to know that another unwise teenager is pregnant or that a 40 stone over-eater exists at the expense of the NHS!

This is not news , it is voyeurism at its worst.

Occasionally the BBC bucks the trend and comes up with something truly magical and inspirational.

We were out with friends when the programme about the inventor of radar, Robert Walton Watt KCB, was aired on the BBC.

I must confess that we were totally captivated by the performance of Eddie Izzard .

We well know his capacity for comedy but his acting was way beyond what our expectations prepared us for.

Well done, Mr Izzard.

Jack Banner, by email

Fight to retain national rights

ON NOVEMBER 1, the Queen is due to sign part 7 (the final part) of the Nice Treaty (Lisbon).

The promise to hold a referendum after the next general election is an empty one. By then, the UK will be under the complete control of the EU with its irrevocable, irreversible provisions. By the time this EU rules us all, it will have the say on whether a Member State leaves the EU by Quantity Majority Voting. This is not democratic.

The EU will rule over crime and justice, we will no longer be innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury will disappear. Our ancient laws and customs will be wiped out; we will be in complete subservience to Brussels. There will be one religion, one currency, one rule, one army. Britain has been left unable to defend itself in the event of a war.

There be no more UK armed services, the UN rapid response unit will be on our streets and they will be armed. The EU will have the final word on whether someone can start a business and this time it is not only aimed at those of a certain faith. This is oppression.

The question now, is what are the people going to do about it? We can invoke our right to rebel and transfer allegiance from the Crown until redress is sought, by authority of the Magna Carta. Despite being lied to, the Magna Carta is in full force today just as it was 800 years ago. Great Britain also has a Constitution which again has been denied by successive governments.

In 2001, 25 Barons (Lords) did exactly this. We must join them and use our rights. It is time to stand up and take our power back; time is short. Always remember, everything Hitler did was legal.

It is our duty to defend our Constitution.

J Everett, Lawful Rebellion of Great Britain (on Facebook), Rhyl

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