YEP Letters: September 8

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Why do we put up with the scourge of political correctness?

Why in Britain today do faceless bureaucrats apparently have the power to impose legal restraints without any law being passed through Parliament, in complete defiance of the will of the vast majority?

Despite ridicule from the sensible people of Britain, political correctness remains just what it was intended to be.

A sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression on the citizen with the ultimate goal of manipulating and brainwashing society.

A letter to the BBC on the internet said: ‘I think you are going mad in the West with political correctness. Every human being has good and bad, cruel and kind intentions in his mind, and you can’t change that’.

Well he sent it to the right place, there is no other establishment more PC than those idiots.

Schoolteachers are just as bad, while the police have protested for years that they are unable to do their jobs properly because of political correctness and health and safety rubbish.

The recent case of the 1,400 young girls being raped and abused in Rotherham is an absolute disgrace.

It is said that police, social workers and the council ignored accusations of abuse purely because all the accused were Pakistanis and they were afraid of being called racist.

It would have been different if the accused had been white.

We need a Prime Minister who has the backbone to condemn political correctness and sweep it under the carpet.

As George Orwell said: ‘Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught to think, while millions have been told what to think?’

Terry Watson, Adel

Anarchists on two wheels

Your article on the increase in the number of cyclists being injured in Leeds (YEP, September 3) fails to mention the rising percentage of cyclists in the city since 2004.

By the law of averages, extra cyclists would mean extra collisions and injuries.

Of course, you quote the views of various people attached to cycle charities and campaigns, not a very biased view there then.

The fact is that most cyclists in this city apparently think of themselves as two-wheeled anarchists who don’t have to obey the normal laws of the highway. They shoot through red lights, use pedestrian crossings as a means of bypassing junctions, ride on and off the pavement as they like, and now the darker nights are drawing in, totally ignore the fact that they need lights on. And they wonder why they get knocked off their cycles! Never mind slower speed limits and driver education, what about cyclist training, compulsory helmets, prosecutions for riding on the pavement and riding without lights? As usual the motorist is the first to be picked on when you publish ‘shock’ statistics like this. It’s all going to be wonderful fuel for this anti-car council. What we could actually do with is road users across the board sitting down and discussing this kind of subject without headlines, quotes, and ultimately legislation that will have a dire effect on the movement of traffic for all in this marvellous city of ours.

Bob Green, Armley.

Make cyclists pay insurance

In reply to the letters asking if cyclists should pay road tax, I say this will be impossible to enforce and a waste of time as the majority of them spend most of their time on the pavement. However, I do believe compulsory insurance for cyclists to be a good idea.

Ivan Kovacks, Leeds

Highway robbery

To say that I am fuming is an understatement. Knowing my car insurance is due on October 4, I decided to go online in search of a reasonable renewal premium.

My car being 12 months older, it is obviously worth less than it was last year.

I paid £640 for comprehensive cover then and have completed another year claim and accident-free, adding to many others since starting to drive in 1946.

After spending a couple of hours on the PC, the best price I can get to date is £760, on condition I have some kind of tracking device fitted.

But near the end of a long list of offers, rising from the cheapest, is one asking for £19,900 for one year’s comprehensive cover.

This is absolutely ridiculous and one of the reasons why offers on TV and in the press are spurious and totally misleading, and a reason for such to be investigated fully by Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading.

This is nothing but bare-faced highway robbery and proof positive that the insurance industry should be made to explain such anomalies as well as being subjected to regulatory control.

There is something radically wrong when a person could be caught driving uninsured and still have some thousands of pounds left after paying the fine if caught.

Ernest Lundy, Beeston

Labour ‘toffs’ don’t have a clue

Once again we have a Labour ‘toff’ talking about a subject and people when she hasn’t got a clue as to what they are like or their way of life.

I am referring to the article about gun-related injuries dealt with in Leeds over the past year (YEP, August 22).

Yvette Cooper talks about a gun licence as though the people who use firearms in relation to crime, drugs and so on bother about such niceties.

This is on a par with Tony Blair’s useless initative for dealing with drunks, which his 24-hour drinking cafe culture brought to a town centre,near you.

He suggested the police should take drunks to a cash point to pay an £80 on the spot fine.

I would like to see Tony Blair attempt to arrest a fighting drunk,never mind get him to pay a fine!

These drunks, who are clogging up our A&E departments should be treated like the nuisances they are.

They should be locked up in the Bridewell as drunk and disorderly or drunk and incapable.

They should then be up before the magistrates the next morning, covered in their own vomit, fined and given a police record.

Their mobile phones, watches, handbags and so on should be kept until they have paid their fines in full.

This would cure the problem in a flash.

Let’s get our police back 
as a force, not this namby-pamby service we have at present. The laws are there, so use them.

Why should hard working doctors, nurses and patients have to suffer the abuse from these morons who can’t drink responsibly?

The Lord save us from Labour’s ‘Golden Couple,’ Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper.

Bernard Duffy, Leeds

Rail restrictions a desperate act

The planned implementation of restricted off-peak times by Northern Rail strikes me as a desperate act to raise as much revenue as they can before they are stripped of their franchise.

This is a company that has never fulfilled its seemingly annual promises to increase the number of carriages on routes such as the Harrogate Line to three and four carriages, thus causing extensive over-crowding on two carriage trains.

These fare changes will probably make matters 
worse since passengers who would normally travel after 9.30am on an off-peak ticket will now travel at peak-times in the morning since they 
are being forced to buy ‘anytime’ return tickets to get home.

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

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