YEP letters: September 5

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Work on the first phase of a £2.9m cycleway connecting Castleford with Wakefield is underway. Construction began on site at Whitwood last week, with Coun Keith Wakefield, the chairman of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) Transport Committee, and Coun Matthew Morley, Wakefield Council’s cabinet member for transport and highways, officially breaking the ground. The first section of the scheme will run for 2km from Methley Bridge, Castleford, to Fairies Hill Lock in Whitwood. It has been funded by the Department for Transport and is being delivered by WYCA’s CityConnect Programme. Here’s what you had to say:

Nigel Jackson

Shouldn’t they finish the one on York Road first?

Lisa Booth

Why cycle lanes? Need to spend money on the current roads.

Sie Gilly

as a cyclist, York Road is an absolute mess, you’re crossing over lanes from cyclist to pedestrian and the lanes are on the wrongs side.

Most cyclists don’t use it and just run the red lights. I’m sometimes ashamed to call my self a cyclist, I hope they have learned by their mistakes.

Richard Holmes

They created one linking Bradford and Leeds.

Caused total chaos and delays during construction and now it’s finished has become a bit of a white elephant. It’s hardly used and those who do risk using it have to take their life in their hands in certain areas as the standard of car driving in the Bradford area is appalling at best.

Stephen Morton

All this money wasted on pushbikes.

Why not get the roads sorted first for the vehicles that pay a road tax and no point anyone saying we don’t, then please explain what push bike riders pay.

Ian Heselwood

2.90 million, well it’s not the £30 million waste of money Leeds Council spent on the Leeds to Bradford shambles.

Michele Bettison

What a load of crock - did you not learn from the comments/mistakes/waste of money spent on Leeds/Bradford super cycle highway to hell?

Who in earth has given the go ahead?? Our roads are some of the worst in Europe, yet we build cycle lanes that are never used. And/or speed bumps on the roads that do not deter the car thieves, ‘joy riders’ or boy racers. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Calden Batt

Having walked the section from Leeds centre along York Road I now understand why the cyclists would rather be on the road, at first I saw them and thought use the lane.

But now I’ve walked it I have to say it’s a death trap waiting to happen, it’s just so poorly designed. Now there’s one going between Castleford and Wakefield which will probably be designed by the same person sat in an office with no clue what the road even looks like except on Google maps street view.

Andrew Walton

Another waste of money, only half a dozen cyclist use the Leeds cycle lane, I go up and down it every day. Some genius is making a few quid from this.

Liam O’Reilly

Great idea - the Leeds one thousands are using it and no more traffic jams at all, council just got go ahead to dig up city centre, fantastic also. Get me out of this padded cell.

Pauline Cannon

If it’s used as much as the Bradford to Leeds one it will be a waste of money. Also the Leeds end crosses over and back again.

John Liversedge

Shouldn’t cyclists pay some licence fees or road tax to help pay for this? Half of them ride on the pavement anyway.

Gavin Shaw

Will HS2 go straight through it like it’s doing with the new Nostell path?

Martin Whittlestone

never mind the cycle roads, get some roads for cars built.

Ian Thirkill

£31,700 million on transport... this is £2.9, one bicycle = one less car slowing you down in traffic, one less car putting cancer causing toxic chemicals into your lungs, one less car causing catastrophic climate change, one less car putting your life in danger of a violent accident.

Andy Dennis

Fantastic idea. Great to see.

James Alexander Phillips

In the 70s kids had no trouble riding their bikes from town to town, over fields, through fords, woods, and rough areas... but today to make it possible £2 million needs to be spent. A laugh innit?

Paul Fryer

Why is there so much money available to waste on a couple of cyclists and nothing to sort out the pathetic travel system in northern England? What a joke.

Carol Donoghue

I agree, hardly see anyone on the Leeds one going up to Seacroft.

David Grice

complete waste of money, just like the one between Bradford and Leeds, never see hardly anyone using it.

Chris Harrison

2.9million for bloody cyclists .

World’s gone mad, try fixing some of the many pot holes and poor roads first !

Holly Grinstead

Cyclists don’t use the one you’ve already built in Leeds, and cars park right across them. Total shame.

Alistair Parker

It’s not a waste of money, it’s stimulating the economy, creating jobs and improving Wakefield.

Jamie Livsey

It’s a waste of money, West Yorkshire needs to build more houses, and the roads we pay road tax for are very poor, they need sorting out.

This country has gone mad

Alan Gibson

Three million pounds for cyclists? Will this keep them off the roads? No it won’t. They’d do better spending the money on something that’s needed, like help for homeless people for instance. Disgusting.

Christopher Hudson

Hope it has the same potholes that we car drivers enjoy.

John Fieldhouse

Soon be sharing rugby grounds too.

June Coates

And while we wait for the A64 to be duelled to the east.