YEP Letters: September 3

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I fail to see the dilemma over whether or not British Muslims who have joined IS to fight as jihadist terrorists should be allowed to return to this country.

More so when some of these terrorists have openly stated they intend to bring the terrorist war back home with them.

There is nothing to think about. You don’t open the door to a mad axeman do you?

Unless of course you are a legal professional who stands to make killing at the expense of the taxpayer by having a protracted legal fat-chewing fest over many human rights court sessions to determine what is already obvious.

Anyone who declares that they intend to continue fighting the jihadist cause after returning to this country is a traitor and should be treated accordingly.

Given that the West has already openly declared war on terrorism, regardless of who the perpetrators of these atrocities are, there is nothing to debate.

By the time this bunch of pettifoggers have come to a decision it will be too late, but of course they aren’t the ones who will become the victims, are they?

If those who sit on the front benches of Parliament are typical examples of the people who have gone through the private education system I am genuinely glad that I wasn’t born into a privileged background.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Let the builders build the roads

FURTHER to the article ‘Builders Claim Council is Too Slow’ (YEP, August 20), maybe the builders could build the proposed link roads – the east Leeds orbital road and the Manston Lane link road.

The council is quite right to have these roads built before more houses, especially as the Barnbow/Vickers site on Manston Lane will involve the massive movement of coal which will be extracted 
before further building can take place.

J Hutchinson, Crossgates

Politician is a hypocrite

I received an email from Rachel Reeves, the Labour MP for Leeds West constituency urging me to sign a petition ‘to stop the Tory-led cuts at Bramley and Armley libraries’.

I am both puzzled about why she was contacting me when I live in north east Leeds and also worried that the library cuts might mean she’ll be denied the chance to borrow a dictionary to research the meaning of ‘hypocrisy’.

Just in case she’s not aware (and she’s not from Leeds so she may not be):

1. The library cuts are being implemented by Labour-controlled Leeds City Council

2. Leeds City Council is choosing to make the cuts because of the drastic reduction to its budget by the Tory/Liberal Democrat government

3. The Labour Party nationally also supports a cuts programme, so if Labour were in government Leeds City Council would still be faced with making tough decisions about managing a much smaller budget.

In the mendacious kingdom of political opportunism and hypocrisy Ms Reeves would be Queen.

Colin Noble, Chapel Allerton

Well met by moonlight…

I must congratulate the Friends of Middleton Park and everyone involved in the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Oddsocks theatre company.

The show was a free event, funny and entertaining, and the café was selling drinks and lovely goodies to eat at a very cheap price.

Thank you again for a great night.

Jean Haunch, Middleton

Doublespeak over humps

LEEDS City Council continue to spew out traffic regulation notices on almost a daily basis.

It is a council that seems to be obsessed with control and interference in the lives of drivers and other road users.

Apart from the constant imposition of fatuous and pointless 20mph limits, there is a clear obsession with hideous humps which are to be installed at great expense to the citizens of Leeds, not only via their council tax but also through the damage caused to their vehicle suspensions, steering mechanisms and tyres by these foul excrescences.

But what really sickens me is the sanctimonious description of the ‘official notice’ which has the impudence and audacity to describe these abominations as ‘highway improvements’.

I believe George Orwell called this ‘doublespeak’.

It is time for a change of attitude by Leeds City Council to get rid of this negative anti-motorist agenda and to devise more sensible and acceptable measures, because I can tell them that, however much they make life more difficult for the driver, the car will not go away and they should work with it and not against it as they do now.

Peter Horton, Ripon

Why the wait to see a doctor?

HOW wonderful that Geoffrey Ternent’s GPs surgery is able to offer a regular same-day appointment system (YEP, August 27), with little waiting time – or is it?

This just goes to show how fundamentally wrong the whole system is.

In the YEP the next day there was a report of the major problems being faced by many patients trying to access GP appointments.

Why should patients in some surgeries apparently have no trouble gaining same-day appointments, yet in other surgeries be told it is a two or three week wait?

There seems to be an obvious problem with distribution of resources.

We need more GPs working in the busy practices and less GPs’ time spent in surgeries where clearly there is not such a demand and no doubt fewer patients.

That brings me to another point – the long delay in dental appointments.

If I require a dental appointment I can almost guarantee it will be an eight-to-10 week wait, but no doubt others will tell me they have a much longer or shorter wait in other areas of Leeds.

How many busy doctors and dental surgeries are still taking on new patients, when clearly many of them cannot seem to cope with the demand from their current patients?

Carol Gannon, 
Barwick in Elmet

Retirement home name plea

A HIGHLY respectable company is building a welcome and much appreciated development of retirement flats on Shadwell Lane, in north Leeds.

Except they cannot choose a sensible name for it.

Their first idea was Kirkstall Court, although Kirkstall is five miles away.

When we pointed this out, they saw our point and said they would change it.

The latest idea is Thackrah Court which might sound vaguely northern but has no connection with north Leeds, as far as anyone knows.

Can readers of the YEP suggest a better name for the development?

‘Kirkstall’ was silly but ‘Thackrah’ is barmy.

Any ideas? I will pass on a shortlist of the best to the company.

Councillor Peter Harrand, Alwoodley Ward

Change policy to help the hungry

SHOPLIFTING FOR food is said to be on the increase.

So much so, that one chief constable has recommended sending food shoplifting suspects to food banks.

It would help if Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith sorted out long-winded policies with welfare claimants.

It is not reasonable to leave people without money for weeks or months while decisions are made.

Even Nick Clegg would not agree with this policy in his private moments.

Max Nottingham, Lincoln

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