YEP Letters: September 29

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Many thanks to Paul Robinson for again publicising the continuing, strong opposition to the Leeds trolleybus proposal in his article on Monday 22nd September.

However, the article perpetuates the myth that the trolleybus will solve the problem of congestion on Otley Road and Headingley Lane. This error is understandable as New Generation Transport (NGT), the proponents of the scheme, continue to claim in their publicity that the trolleybus will be “congestion busting” but, as a result of the ongoing public inquiry, it has become very clear that the proposed scheme is actually designed to maintain the current level of congestion and many opponents believe it would be markedly increased.

It is typical of NGT to present their profligate project to the people of Leeds in a misleading and deceptive way and it would be interesting to learn if councillors who voted for the scheme were aware that it will not reduce congestion on the route.

It is now clear that, if the trolleybus were to be approved, the public would be saddled with a huge bill (over £250m) for a scheme which will not solve problems on this road.

Leeds deserves a properly thought out, modern solution to its transport problems not just an ineffectual and damaging scheme on one route.

Thank goodness there are many concerned people who are willing to spend time and effort, on behalf of the whole of Leeds, to try and get this trolleybus scheme thrown out. They deserve our heartfelt thanks.

Sam Pinter, Leeds

Scots missed a big opportunity

So after much debate the Scottish have voted to stay within the United Kingdom!

I have to say, had I lived in Scotland, I would have definitely voted Yes.

The promises of a fairer and more equal society of which the seeds have already been sown by such things free prescriptions, a commitment to a state run NHS, no tuition fees and free social care for the elderly would have been far too alluring to me to consider the probable negative impact such a vote would have on the rest of the United Kingdom.

There was also the Scottish National Party’s commitment to remain in Europe and their promise to rid Scotland of the nuclear (supposed) deterrent, which both appealed to me.

I suspect the vote was lost partly based on Cameron’s unholy alliance with Gordon Brown, wheeled out of the political wilderness to give a number of passionate speeches in favour of a no vote. Not forgetting also Cameron’s fat cat cronies in the city who warned of price rises and job losses in their utterances more based on wild speculation rather than reasoned argument.

Also the Scottish media seemed to be either in favour of a no vote or sat on the fence.

So what happens now? The Scots have been promised Devomax but already commitments to this both in time and extent of the devolved powers seem to be lessening.

I would argue that it is unfair that the Scots benefit from both the additional benefits they already have and any additional benefits they obtain unless these are available to the other regions/ nations of the UK.

As a start it is not unreasonable that Scottish MP’s should not be allowed to vote on issues which do not impact on the residents of Scotland.

I cannot believe I agree with one of Nigel Farage’s utterances but there you go!

Without doubt, there are interesting times ahead!

Nick Palin, Garforth

Faiths defeating terror together

LEEDS FAITHS Forum fully supports the statement from Leeds Muslim Council condemning the murder by IS of David Haines; and as a forum representing nine faiths in Leeds working for inter-faith understanding and cooperation, stands alongside the Leeds Muslim Council in its rejection of such violence as in any way being justified by the teachings of Islam.

Leeds Faiths Forum welcomes and emphasises the importance of Imam Qari Asim’s insistence that: “The heinous crimes of IS must not be allowed to destabilise the good relationships that exist between faith groups and communities in Britain. Rather, this is precisely where the relationships we have built up can help us defeat terrorism and build stronger communities.”

The Revd Canon C P Dobbin MBE, Chair, Leeds Faiths Forum, Moor Allerton and Shadwell Team Ministry, Moortown

Help from vets to chip pet dogs

THE DOGS Trust would like to thank the 1,542 veterinary surgeries who have joined our ‘Microchipping Through Vets’ campaign, giving up their time for free and enabling over 80,000 dogs to be microchipped since April 1.

Microchipping offers significant benefits to dog owners and Dogs Trust has always promoted the procedure as part of its Responsible Dog Ownership work.

As we reach the sixth month mark in our campaign, we welcome support from any other veterinary surgeries who would like to take part.

Please do get in touch on 0330 123 0334 or visit

Elvira Meucci-Lyons, The Dogs Trust, London EC1V 7RQ

Frightening lack of good manners

PEOPLE OF a certain age know that manners have declined. The language you hear from teenagers and younger on public transport.

Car drivers seem to no longer acknowledge with a wave if you clearly behave as a good pedestrian and step back on a kerb to give them right of way if they’re turning a corner, for example. The response if you challenge pavement cyclists is unbelievable. Staff talking on mobile phones when serving you.

Incidentally, how frightening is it that it has taken education authorities all these years to realise that allowing texting and so forth in classrooms is damaging to education ? How much costly research did it take to work that one out?

Back to the main point, however: the best way to deal with, or respond to, the likes of Nick Keer and his letter about manners is to ignore him or (to quote someone I would not normally wish to allude to) not give him the oxygen of publicity by replying. He simply isn’t worth your time.

He will go away if he gets no response.

T Maunder, Kirkstall

Relative buried in city cemetery

In answer to the letter in lasts night’s YEP “ Help with my family tree” from K. Evans of Macclesfield.

I have checked my copy of Leeds & District Burials by Yorkshire Indexers and found Hannah Ellen Shaw is buried in Harehills Cemetery, Leeds.

Name: Shaw Hannah Elle, entry 13455, Date of Burial: May 11, 1956, age 82, born 1874, section G5 Grave 0039

A plan of the cemetery can be found on the internet.

S Lister, By email.

Hot air from the conferences

IT’S LITTLE wonder the polar ice is melting with all the hot air from party conferences.

Minimum wage increase to £8 an hour paid for out of government coffers not from every purchase we make, increases in council tax, insurance etc, plus inflated administration costs. I could go on...

Robert Holman, Headingley