YEP Letters, September 28, 2016

stepping stones at Burley in Wharfedale'''E.M.Harwood BA, LLB (Cantab), Solicitor (Non-practising)'24 De Lacy Mount, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3JF'Tel: 0113 2787260'e-mail: 24delacymount@tiscali.co.uk.
stepping stones at Burley in Wharfedale'''E.M.Harwood BA, LLB (Cantab), Solicitor (Non-practising)'24 De Lacy Mount, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3JF'Tel: 0113 2787260'e-mail: 24delacymount@tiscali.co.uk.
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Join the call for a proper crossing

Peter Young, Secretary, Burley Bridge Association

Some readers might have been bemused by the ‘Your Picture of the Day’ showing the Stepping Stones at Burley-in-Wharfedale, by Mike Harwood (YEP September 21).

Since the stepping stones are under the water, many readers will wonder what use they are, covered by the river in September during generally dry weather.

Obviously no one can use them to cross from West Yorkshire to reach North Yorkshire and the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the opposite bank.

How many readers realise that this line of stones carries the public right of way?

This is how the public, including for example all the readers of the YEP, are expected to cross a wide and fast-flowing river. The stepping stones at Leather Bank are the only pedestrian crossing point over the Wharfe between Otley and Ben Rhydding, a distance of nearly eight miles.

A long campaign to get a safe and sensible crossing has lots of support and readers can find out more at www.burleybridge.com

Corbyn has mandate to bring equality

Derek Baker, Moortown

Given the overwhelming victory of Jeremy Corbyn being yet again voted in and reaffirmed as the leader of the Labour party, this must surely now provide Mr Corbyn with a mandate to de-select the closet capitalists that hi-jacked the parliamentary labour party under Tony Blair and Gordon Browns placebo New Labour (old conservative) Government.

The vast majority of the people of this country , the low paid, those on zero hours contracts, the unemployed, the utility product consumers, NHS workers, council workers, postal workers, steel workers, and those who are still in the much reduced mining industry are crying out for a government that will re-introduce a system of fairness and social justice, concepts that were clearly alien to the Blairites and Brownites in the new labour government. Please get rid of them Mr Corbyn with no compromise, as it is the only way that a labour government will ever be be re-elected.

Another rich kid playing politics

Alan Thompson, Bramhope, Leeds

So, dilettante Dave Cameron has jacked it in. He never was serious; It was just a game,just another rich kid playing at politics so he could put it on his CV.

In all the many years I’ve written to him,I never got an answer. Surrounded by his coterie of cronies,focus groups and yes-men, Cameron told us ‘we’re all in it together’- but obviously didn’t include anyone outside his circle. Like Blair he’s no loss: no tears will be shed, no fond memories recounted, just another politician who filled his pending tray and followed instead of leading.

Wonderful quotations

Ernest Lundy, by email

As one who always reads the comments of contributors to the readers’ letters pages, (Yorkshre Evening Post, September 24).

I was particularly interested in the comments of Roger Bates, on the quality of life in UK cities, in particular with reference to what writer Mark Twain said about Manchester and dying there; which I have to believe was tongue in cheek. But as another interested in quotes from the writing of this celebrated author, I hope I will be forgiven for mentioning another two.

On the subject of free speech he said: “I may not agree with what you say; but I will defend to the death you right to say it”. A declaration of quality. Finally, on the subject of giving up smoking, always a controversial subject, he wrote: “Those wishing to stop smoking should ask me. I’ve done it thousands’ of times!

Private hires do not earn lots

Steve Coates, by email

I am a Hull private hire driver and worried about comments in your paper on (YEP, September 23).

For the last few years I have struggled to make ends meet, I’ve visited food banks and am on the verge of bankruptcy. We don’t earn £1000 in 3 days. - 70 jobs a day? That’s impossible. It takes us a month to earn a £1000 lately. We earn around £10 an hour an pay 50 per cent of that out in costs which puts us on less than minimum wage.

The owners and their committee need to raise prices to encourage more drivers in short because nobody wants to work for nothing.

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He should try a wheelchair

Richard Wade, by email

With regard to Mr Keer’s helpful advice, on the services on hand so wheelchair users can get about in their daily life (Not all taxis can be accessible, Feedback, September 22,2016), and how HE would use them if he was in this awful situation, may I suggest that he hires a wheelchair, and for the next few months, uses it as his only mode of transportation.

Then he can write us a letter to us telling us of his experience,.

It might change his attitude to people with a disability, but I doubt it.

Men are to blame for rape

Sandra McNeill, Support After rape and Sexual Violence Leeds

Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL) welcome the coverage of Aidan Hobson’s trial and conviction for rape (Yorkshire Evening Post, Sepember 23, 2016). However the focus on the front page should have been on the judge’s comments rather than one aspect of the victim personal statement.

Men are to blame for rape not women.

You knew when you voted for it

T Maunder, Kirkstall

I DON’T know why readers write in and say such - and - such should be done to save the ailing NHS.

The country voted in a government that does not believe in the NHS. A government that farms out services to people like Richard Branson and Virgin, even if those services have been criticised by the CQC.

Hunt and Burt MPs absolutely do not want the NHS as a means of providing health care: they want us to have to pay for it by private contracts.

You are getting what you voted for and if you believed Tories when they said the NHS is safe with them during that election then you deserve what you’re getting for being so damn gullible

Great choir but poor music choice

R Dixon, by email

‘Sounding The Century’ - what a wonderful opportunity to really celebrate 100 years of great, diverse, Male Voice music.

That was my expectation when attending the Leeds Male Voice concert in Leeds Town Hall on Saturday (Sept 24th). I was expecting a program that would truly show off a great heritage, one that would thrill me and raise the hairs on the back of my neck.

But - O Dear! O Dear! O Dear! - whatever happened on the night? Why was such a wonderful opportunity so miserably missed? What we were treated to was a lack-luster program, much of which was little known and certainly not typical of that rich M.V.C. heritage which we had a right to expect from such a well known and respected choir.

To give credit where it’s due, though, the choir did justice to that which they were given. They did their best under what I imagine was disappointment (for them) at the choice of music, a choice that did nothing to show their talent and versatility.

This was certainly the poorest selection I have known in many, many years of singing with, and listening to male voices generally.

What a missed opportunity, and one that cannot be repeated in our lifetime.

To end on a happier note, the Choir were very well supported by their special guests, The Rothwell Temperance Band and The White Rosettes.

More cycle lanes on canal, anyone?

Robert Holman, Pudsey

REGARDING the letters in the Yorkshire Evening Post (Ring your bells, cyclinst, September 19 2016) I think it would be an excellent idea for the council to fund cycle lanes on the towpaths to bring them in line with all the other footpaths in Leeds used by inconsiderate bikers.