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Royals serve no purpose in democracy

Dave MacFadyen, Cross Gates

When it comes to those we term “royalist” they always defend their sycophantic position with muddled jibberish.

There’s no other way it can be defended. I see an attack (YEP letters 24 September), on a previous letter by Phillip Crowther (YEP 12 September), which is certainly no exception to this rule.

In the September 24 letter, I see no obvious connection to the issues raised in Mr Crowther’s excellent letter. The social, economic and political issues raised by Mr Crowther are in fact rooted in a fairly rigid class system which is epitomised by the current monarch “Her Majesty the Queen”. They are not, as D S Boyes suggests (and many others believe) in the September 24 letter, separate issues.

The letter ends with the age old excuse “no one asks to be born royalty” in a futile attempt to defend the undefendable. Boo hoo. This should not be read as a get at DS Boyes letter. It is aimed at all royalists. If they find it offensive they must bear in mind that many find royalism offensive too.

It surely also must follow that no one asks to be born into deprivation with no chance of escape. They cannot opt to “abdicate” from poverty and absence of opportunity to “get on”, as David Cameron chants. In most cases, as with royalty, their position within the class system was dictated centuries before they were born.

If YOU were able to choose which of the above life you would prefer, which would you choose. Don’t ask us for sympathy for the people you choose to call “royal”.

There is a strong arguement to suggest that the subservient mindset of royalists is, in fact, the main cause of the economic and social beleaguerment of “the lower classes”. As Mr Crowther rightly observes: “ The establishment keep up the aura of royalty because it suits their purpose to keep the masses brainwashed “. And sadly, the brainwashed will be the last to see clearly and will always blame the wrong culprit, often the bogeyman.

It is indeed a clever trick to have the masses frothing at the mouth, in anger, as they defend the very system, opitomised by the existence of a monarch, which allocates them a subservient postion at the bottom of the heap, with the monarch at the top and the House of Lords in between.

I have no personal grudge against the current monarch as a person, or against any members of her family. That is not the issue here. We do not need a monarch if we seriously strive towards true democracy. They serve no purpose in a true democracy. It appears, from an article published in the Independent on September 24 that the current monarch did intervene deliberately and in a planned way to influence the outcome of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

That is not acceptable if we want a true democracy.This anachronism clearly needs to end. Then we can join the democratic world in the twenty-first century.I rest my case. For now anyway.


No government support

Neill Schofield, Sheffield

I was sorry to read that Drax power station is pulling out of the White Rose carbon capture project. I hope that somehow it will still go ahead.

It’s worth remembering that the European Union committed over £200 million to this project, to create the first carbon capture power station in Europe. It would have created over 4,000 jobs here in Yorkshire, with the potential for far more from the opportunities to export the technology and expertise.

But the British government has pulled the rug out from under Drax’s involvement.

So just like when the coal mines were closed, it is the European Union that takes seriously creating new jobs here in Yorkshire. Just like then, where is the British government’s support?

We need to leave EU

Terry Watson, Adel

Why should Europe be saddled with the responsibility of taking Syrian refugees?

It is not just a European problem and should be a world problem. What is the UN doing about it? Very little as with every crisis.

The Arab countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, the richest countries in the world flatly refuse to take any. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 tents all with air conditioning, kitchens and washing facilities all stood empty, for they are only used five days a year for the annual pilgrimage and could accommodate nearly all the refugees.

They are also prepared to build 200 mosques in Germany for the 500,000 migrants a year expected to pour into Germany, could there be an ulterior motive there? Merkel has welcomed the immigrants saying they need them, they also have a huge country to cope with them, but she has no right to force other EU countries to do the same.

The Brussels officials should admit that the open borders policy has been a disaster and cancel it. Like so many decisions they have made, no thought was given to the consequences, the disastrous single currency being a good example. We need to leave the EU, there are no benefits for us no matter how many “porkies” call me Dave tells us.

Party’s ‘crazy ideas’

Chris Sharp, Garforth

As if the Labour Party have not gone loony putting Jeremy Corbyn in charge, a vegan is given the post as spokesperson for farming who wants meat eaters to be treated like smokers and health warnings to be put on meat!

What has happened to a once credible party? They are and will remain a laughing stock while ever these clowns are given a platform to spout their crazy ideas.

Thanks to hospital

Doug Tomlin, Tingley

THANKS LGI for everything, Mr Tyagi, neurosurgery. How do you say thanks for saving a life? For sending me home to a grateful wife. A wife who thought she’d be living alone, never more to hear my grumbles and moans.

But the look on her face as she entered the ward was for Ms Steel as a grateful reward. So thanks Ms Steel and your super team. For a job well done, for all to see. Our thanks to the nurses on the wards. They really are angels. It’s been said before. Our thanks to the auxiliaries for all their work. Always a smile as they get on with their rounds. So thanks LGI and I will say it again, for a final score it’s 10 out of 10.