YEP letters: September 26

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Stronger regulations around taxi licensing and enforcement are needed, Leeds City Council has said after a row broke out over Uber cabs in the country’s capital.

The taxi firm, used by 3.5m people and 40,000 drivers in London, has been refused a new license by Transport for London (TfL) which said it was “not fit and proper” to operate, with Mayor Sadiq Khan insisting that companies must “play by the rules”.

Licensing authorities in Leeds have said they are “monitoring developments”, calling for stricter regulation nationwide. We asked readers if there be stronger regulation around Uber and taxis in Leeds? Here’s what you said:

Joe Ford

A lot of the drivers think they are abroad, driving straight out of junctions intimidating other drivers, a lot jumping red lights at traffic lights, I think their driving licences should be checked.

Billy Sharp

I would hate to see what the other city’s taxi drivers are like because Uber and the rest of Leeds taxi drivers behave shockingly from my experience and I see them daily around Leeds city centre.

Lyndsey Janes

The last Uber I got the driver was telling me how strict the regulations are. They get checked regularly and can easily be suspended if something isn’t right.

Jacob Boyes

Yes. My friends tell me horror stories all the time about the Leeds drivers. Definitely would never use them myself.

Phil Gleeson

Yes. And check they’ve had disability awareness training.

Jackie Magee

Ignorant to other road users, park where they want, pull out when they want, they think they own the roads. Half of them shouldn’t be on the roads, they haven’t got a ounce of respect, all they see is their timer clocking the pounds up.

Martin Walker

All taxi drivers should take advanced driving tests and get heavily fined for driving offences.

Nick Moore

I’d rather not use anything but Uber these days. GPS record of your journeys, drivers given ratings by genuine customers, no dodgy cash payments up front before the meter even starts to name just a few benefits. I’ve had just over a hundred journeys with Uber now and never a bad experience.

Denise Dixon

I love Uber. They arrive in time, are cheaper and more polite than many private hire / taxi drivers (probably because you can rate them).

Tracey Wallis

Yes, especially Uber and private hire - some of the cars are disgusting and some don’t obey traffic regulations. Some also need customer service training too.

Brian Berry

From my experience using cabs in Leeds, I completely agree, some cab drivers are creepy that need more training or should not drive. However, London went too far and did it for politics. As a result, thousands may lose their jobs and this is hurting families. How can the Labour Party say they support workers when they are destroying jobs and destroying families? London is doing it to promote The Labour Party agenda while destroying the livelihood of thousands of drivers and their family. Leeds needs to protect jobs and not push a political agenda.

Richard Edwards

I have never ever had a problem with Uber. If the other minicab companies are losing trade then perhaps they need to up their game. Develop an app that actually works, allows cashless payments through Paypal and the tracking of cars both en route to your location and during the trip (for relatives etc).

I have never waited more than five minutes for an Uber car. By all means regulate Uber, but don’t banish it just because the old guard don’t like competition.

Liam Henshaw

To be honest, Uber in Leeds is far better then any other taxi. The cars are at a good standard, plus you have the driver’s details so it’s safe and you are not carrying money.

Sue Lakin

This is all about the London cabbies having competition they don’t like.

With Uber you know the car make and reg and name of the person picking you up. You give feedback on the driver and the fare is agreed up front before you get into the cab and your journey is tracked. I would take an Uber over a local cab every time. I have used Uber in the UK, India and America with peace of mind. I have never taken an Uber that cost more than a local taxi would.

Lucia Perdios

I insist that my daughter only ever uses Uber and no other company as she has had cabs not turn up in the past and left her stranded.

It’s also tracked so we know the journey she will take and that she is safe.

Mark Hill

Time to get rid of Uber for once and for all.

Mark Nuttall

All taxi / private hire drivers are licensed by the council - not Uber - so checks are on the heads of the relevant departments of the council.

John Beevor

The licensing of taxis and private hire vehicles in London is completely different to Leeds or the rest of the country - many of the London issues could not be repeated here.