YEP Letters: September 26

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When will Leeds City Council acknowledge the fact that all of their multi-storey ‘T’ blocks and their low-rise flats and maisonettes that are constructed of pre-cast concrete are crumbling to pieces.

As far back as the 1970s the short serviceable life of structures manufactured from concrete manufactured after the 1930s was highlighted in a BBC Panorama documentary, pointing out that concrete manufactured after that time using modern production methods after a period of 25 years, develops a condition known by structural engineers as concrete cancer which causes the concrete to slowly disintegrate.

The only relatively modern concrete structures that don’t suffer from this condition are the military defences built by German engineers during the Second World War, as a result of them mixing the ashes from power stations into the concrete to bulk it out.

The multi-storey block that I live in was built at the beginning of the 1960s, and it was known at the time that this type of tower block were only designed to be occupied for a period of 25 years. The block I live in has had junks of concrete falling off it since I first moved in 15 years ago and the damp course deteriorated ages ago and the place is wringing wet.

The introduction of the now failed and discredited ALMOs has done nothing but throw good money after bad, money that could have been invested in new housing stock.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Time to ditch arena price tag

For quite some time after “The New Wembley Stadium” was completed, it was called “The New Wembley Stadium”, thankfully “New” has been dropped from its description.

I now find that every time the Leeds Arena (a venue that many people can be proud of, rightly so) gets a mention in the YEP, reference to how much it cost to build is fast becoming one of those little things that gets on my nerves.

If it had cost £59,999,999.95 it may have deterred some writers from mentioning it so often.

Please journalists, the amount it cost to build Leeds Arena is old, old news and I strongly believe that we all know how much it cost by now, so put some effort in and come up with a new angle on the “£60 million pound Leeds Arena”.

Jeremy Overton, Harrogate

Give Yorkshire devolved power

In the days before the Scottish referendum on independence, Prime Minister David Cameron spoke of how it would break his heart to see the Scots leave the United Kingdom, how he loved his country more than his party, he would rather be assassinated by his own members than lose Scotland.

This sad man knew of course that if the Scots voted yes for independence, there would be strong calls for David Cameron to resign as Prime Minister, now that he has survived he has had a quick change of heart and seeks to make political capital by pushing through, without consultation with the electorate, an English Parliament with more powers centralised in London, when what we need is for regions of England to take more control over their own affairs.

Even a Tory think tank recently published proposals to transfer Greater Manchester into a Northern City State collecting its own taxes.

Bring on Yorkshire devolution!

John Appleyard, Liversedge

What about our pensioners Ed?

Ed Miliband has promised to raise the minimum wage to £8 by the year 2020.

Very nice Ed but what about the ex workers? Yes the pensioners of this country - why can’t he improve their standard of living, don’t they count anymore?.

There is plenty of money available as the £12 million to France shows. Plough some of it to our pensioners and give them a little more in there pockets.

I will be 87 by then and may be viewing things from a great height (heaven).

Malcolm Shedlow, Moortown

A second-rate rant about OAPs

I have previously resisted replying to Nick Keer’s views via your letters page but his latest outburst (20 Sept) leaves me no choice. He berates an 84-year-old lady for expecting a seat on a bus, resorting to the unbelievable excuse that she will probably use a pass and is therefore not entitled to sit before fare-paying passengers of whatever age. He questions her manners.

Well I’ve got news for Nick Keer. Modern-day society has unfortunately gone down the way of ill-mannered, inconsiderate, and selfish louts - there are many more such people in evidence than used to be the case. And I have to believe that Nick Keer is near the top of that list. He presents himself in writing as one of the more obnoxious individuals that you would not wish to meet.

I do not generalise, there are fortunately still people of all generations who have a better attitude.-

Alan Freeman, Bramley, Leeds

Tropical cash could fix roads

IT AMAZES me that Leeds Council can close two golf courses in Leeds, yet fund £800,000 for improvements to Tropical World, of which £95,000 is for a toilet.

The old excuse that different items each have their own source of money supply is rubbish. Everything should be judged individually. Surely, Tropical World should wait for the new toilet as there are other projects that need to be funded now.

Harehills Lane from Compton Road to Morrisons has had half of its top layer missing since last year and three local letters and a road survey advising that this is one of the worst roads in Leeds have pointed this out. Only a fraction of the money spent on Tropical World would have paid for it to be repaired or resurfaced.

AE Hague, Harehills

How much will they be paid-off?

Apropos my letter earlier this week about transparency being shown by Rotherham Council regarding any potential pay-off to Shaun Wright (and there is bound to be one), I do hope the same will be true regarding Joyce Thacker. I may, of course, hope but they will never release such information, will they?

It’s called token transparency : they preach it but don’t practise it. She’ll be paid off, he will be: we won’t be told how much.

T Maunder, Kirkstall

Not a great lava of Christmas TV

It was reported last weekend that the BBC were going to make a splash for comedy Christmas shows including Miranda Hart, Michael Macintyre and Citizen Khan. It will be more entertaining watching the lava lamp

Walt Emsley Leeds 8.

Students stay safe and be tidy

Lovely to see all the students coming back to Leeds or maybe here for the first time.

Stay safe-and please ,please dispose of your food litter properly!

Margaret Thompson, Leeds

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