YEP Letters: September 23

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The majority of people in Leeds do not live or work near the intended trolleybus route, whereas nearly all have bus stops within easy walking distance.

A new railway station at Stourton, utilising underused rail infrastructure would be a wiser alternative to a trolleybus scheme.

Increasing bus frequencies along the trolleybus route, combined with outlying car parks would reduce congestion and increase public transport at a fraction of the cost.

It would also be instantly integrated, whereas the trolleybus ticketing would be separate from and in addition to, bus ticketing.

Bus routes and frequencies are continually being cut back, leaving the majority of people with worse public transport services, and a fraction of the intended £250,000,000 could improve bus services immeasurably.

In the long term road congestion can only be reduced by decreasing car ownership and usage, mainly by increasing fuel duty, taxation and congestion charges, which can only be achieved nationally.

There will be a long and unacceptable period of road disruption as the trolleybus infrastructure is built, whereas improved bus provision means no disruption at all.

I urge WYMetro, Leeds City Council, and the government to rethink their grandiose white elephant.

Mr J Turner, Leeds 12

It’s raining cash for forecasters

WHAT next! We have just been told that the weather forecasters have been given around £1 million in bonuses for correctly forecasting the recent good weather.

But if they paid back the money they earned for when they got it wrong they would be well out of pocket.

Everybody seems to be on the bandwagon except the working classes, who wonder what these people get paid for in the first place.

E A Lundy, by email

Demolition is not the answer

I AGREE entirely with the letter of David Green (3 September) of the way our council are closing nursing homes as it’s more costly (or should be) to go private.

The same with schools that were closed then lo and behold we are now told there will be a serious shortage of school places in two years or so.

This brings to mind a recent report of fury at a bid to flatten an historic building in Headingley on Shaw Lane, which has been identified as a positive building in the area, which enhances the surroundings.

Looking at the picture of it (8 August) I would rate it as a listed building.

Local resident William Langton says it is a very substantial run of buildings and to demolish it is eating away at the very reason why it’s a conservation area, and that’s why he is up in arms about it.

Leeds Civic Trust has lodged an objection saying it sits between two listed buildings and it has potential for revitalisation and refurbishment rather than demolition.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds 9

Charity chiefs living in luxury

ALONG with myself there are more and more people writing on the subject of our overseas aid not getting to the people it is intended for but is going into the deep pockets of those distributing the money.

Then I read of the wages those running charities in this country are receiving.

How can those running our charities justify £60,000 to £150,000 per year, do they really deserve these sort of incomes?

When you have ordinary workers going out in all kinds of weather for about £15,000 to £20,000 then donating their hard earned coppers to charity so the people running them live in luxury on their sweat.

LE SLACK, Leeds 17

Protecting our way of life

SOME OF you will have had leaflets dropped through your letterboxes about Leeds plans to build 7,200 houses in the borough of Morley and our plan to hold meetings at Drighlington, Tingley and Churwell.

And also about a rally we are having outside the Town Hall.

Because of the timescale we were unable to hold meetings in other areas such as Bruntcliffe.

We are urging everyone who is against the destruction of green fields in Morley and the burden such large scale developments will have on our already full schools, roads, doctors and dentists etc to please come and join us at our protest rally outside Morley Town Hall on Saturday 28 September at 11am.

We, the people of Morley, have to send a message to London and Leeds that enough is enough and that we will protect our way of life.

C Guy, Bruntcliffe Road, Morley

MPs’ families hit the jackpot

WORDS FAIL me – and that’s a one off and I think I might require stronger medication to control my blood pressure after reading new figures quoted re MPs’ expenses (James Reed 13 September 2013).

I have never set eyes on the MP for my area and come the next election we may think twice, and how come so many of them employ family members?

How cosy.

Paydays at Westminster are like hitting the jackpot.

Mavis Harrison, Saxton Gardens, Leeds

Bank gives food for thought

I WAS recently running an elderly lady round to our local church as she was going on a church organised day trip.

When we got to the church the streets surrounding it were clogged with parked cars and the coach couldn’t wait outside because of all the vehicles, there were over 100 cars some new.

We asked somebody why there were so many cars around in a usually quiet area.

The reply “They are all getting food from the food bank”

If people can’t afford food how can they afford their cars?

Name and address supplied

Beef dripping is my Friday treat

IT WAS NICE to read the letter from D Vickers of Horsforth (Evening Post September 17) about fish and chips, he said he has not had fish and chips like them for years (that’s good).

He was referring to Hartleys on New Road Side in Horsforth.

I have not tried them yet but I hope to do so soon, the best fish and chips are those that are cooked in beef dripping.

I travel all over Leeds every Friday on buses for fish and chips cooked in beef dripping.

I can name a lot of fish and chip shops that do, I have been to a lot of them, the taste is out of this world, oil is just a lazy way of cooking them, so I will put Hartleys on my Friday list.

D Sanderson, Moorside, Bradford

Report the water torture

IF A MOTORIST drives through a puddle and causes water to go over a pedestrian, and if this could have been safely avoided then the charge is driving without due consideration to other road users. In this case the pavement is considered a part of the road - highway.

Make notes of the registration, colour and, if possible, type of vehicle plus time and location, and report it.

D Daniel, York Road, Leeds 14