YEP Letters: September 22

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Get your TV news priorities right

Edna Levi, Leeds

Whilst appreciating that TV news stations have to bring a little lightness into their reporting, one ITV Good Morning Britain show this last week was ludicrous.

Following the pictures and descriptions of the horrendous Mexican earthquake and telling how many lives had so far been lost, we were “treated” to how to deal with a phobia of spiders (anyone seen the tarantulas lately?).

After this 10 minute discussion, we reverted to a new hurricane sweeping through areas again and this was followed by a feature informing us of names being chosen for new babies and how “Nigel” was not being utilised as much. I really think producers and editors of the news media should get their priorities right.

Airport noise warning for residents

Hundreds of residents will have to contend with increased aircraft noise if proposed flight path changes at Leeds Bradford Airport get the go-ahead. Airport bosses have launched a public consultation on plans to revise the airspace that is used by planes arriving at and departing from Leeds Bradford. The airport says the changes would lead to an overall reduction in “noise impact” for local communities – but there would be some losers as well as winners. Around 200 residents on six roads would find themselves living within Leeds Bradford’s amended 57-decibel daytime noise contour and exposed to sound levels which an airport report says have historically represented the onset of “significant community annoyance”. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Andy Bodkin

As a lifetime Yeadon resident, I and many others have grown up with the aircraft, they don’t bother me in the slightest

If you don’t like it don’t buy a house in Yeadon and leave them for the families of residents who don’t care about petty issues like an aircraft from an “airport”.

Craig Tarbotton

The planes fly straight over my house, never bothered me, can’t see a few more being a problem.

Sue Hillarby

I have lived in Cookridge over 45 years the airport was only small then, soon got used to the planes though, doesn’t bother us now either, but our grandson loves them.

Vicky Stocks

They knew when they bought that they were near an airport, what did they expect?

Jarrod Whitehead

I have lived on Hawthorn most of my life and not had any problems with the noise from the airport. They make more noise in the winter defrosting the planes.

Jade McCann

We’re pretty much on the flight path and I find the planes soothing on a night. Literally planes could land on our house and I wouldn’t hear them now. They fly so low as the runway is about a mile and a half away.

Josh Briody

It’s a major airport, what do these people think when they buy a house near it?

Richard Turner

Wouldn’t swap my location for anything let alone a bit of noise from a few aircraft! It’s not Heathrow.

Nigel Hardcastle

If you buy a house near an airport. Deal with the noise. We live next to a train line and m1. Possibly HS2 as well. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

SENIOR councillors have agreed to have detailed plans drawn up as £30m proposals to try and ease traffic flow at three “congestion hotspot” junctions across Leeds move to the next stage. Members of Leeds City Council’s executive board have approved the spending of £1.25m to draw up plans to upgrade for the Dawsons Corner roundabout in Stanningley; the crossroads where the A660 Leeds Road crosses the A658 between Leeds-Bradford Airport and Pool-in-Wharfedale at Dyneley Arms; and the junction of Fink Hill with the Outer Ring Road in Horsforth. Council chiefs have stressed that plans are at an early stage and a full consultation would be carried out before any work takes place. Here’s what YEP readers had to say about the plans on social media..

David Watson

It was only a few years ago that many millions of pounds was spent remodeling Thornbury, Rodley and Horsforth roundabouts, it seems these schemes were ill conceived and a waste of time and money.

I could have told you that before a single shovel broke ground. It wasn’t exactly difficult to anticipate that traffic flowing through more efficiently through Thornbury roundabout would increase congestion at Dawsons Corner. As for Rodley and Horsforth, they are no better at all. The bottleneck at either side of Horsforth roundabout is ridiculous given that there is space to widen the road on both sides. The additional narrowing at the Toby Carvery adds to the dangers and congestion too. Reducing pressure on the Ring Road by opening another route across the Kirkstall Valley crossing the river and canal could be considered in the long term.

Richard Ellis

The whole ring road needs to be dual carriageway with motorway style junctions. 
It’s not rocket science, Manchester has had the M60 for years!

David Hilliam

About time too. The new traffic light system on Thornbury roundabout, Rodley roundabout and Horsforth roundabout has improved congestion a little, but it has adversely effected Dawson’s Corner.

Paul N Bev Clark

It will just cause chaos while they are doing it and will be like last time and just make things worse. From Owlcotes to Horsforth is just a joke, people jumping the lights and inconsiderate drivers makes it worse.

Andrew Lawson

The ring road through Horsforth full stop causes all the gridlock in the town. Pool and Dawson’s Corner– are they that bad? I never recall having to queue too long.