YEP Letters: September 22

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IF BRITAIN is to restore peace and stability, these measures will be required.

Restore capital punishment for deliberate murder, drug trafficking and terrorism and impose long sentences for serious offences.

Provide everyone over the age of 18 with a subsistence allowance of £80 per week if unemployed or unwilling to work. They thereby forfeit any leniency or mitigation if in court.

Everyone over 16 should be offered an approximately suitable job. The under 18s earning £8 per hour, the over 18s £10 per hour.

Create one million Army places, with this reserve force on permanent standby deployed anywhere to serve UK interests and the international community.

All houses unoccupied for more than three months to be bought and brought into public stock. If in a poor state of repair, they should be compulsorily purchased. No one is allowed to own any property not used nine months of the year and strict rent controls to be put in place.

Ban for life anybody who causes death by reckless or drunken driving.

Christianity to be proclaimed as the official national religion.

Gas, water, electricity and railways to be nationalised. Where necessary some sub-contracting to private firms.

Establish a National Savings Bank offering non-interest loans and mortgages.

Massive house renovation (not building) programme and restoration to original state of historic monuments.

Significant worker representation in workplace, with control of their work and involvement in decision-making.

Community councils comprising 12 volunteers, selected as for jury service, serving part-time for three years. These liaising with a 12-person executive board (paid and full-time), elected every four years in a city-wide vote. They would stand as individuals, not party members.

A government formed every four years from every executive board by random jury service style selection. Thus no parties, no MPs, no Parliament.

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

Just switch off your television

I note Malcolm Nicholson has complained about The X Factor again (YEP, September 19).

He suggests the show should be given ‘a decent burial’. Why not simply switch it off instead of watching it and then moaning?

This household has banned the three main ‘serial dramas’ and The X Factor has gone the same way.

I personally got sick of ignorant people saying things like ‘I’m going to sing Feeling Good by Michael Buble’ as if he wrote it.

Also these same lazy people obviously not even being bothered to check a song’s history or credentials.

I also got fed-up with the supposedly spontaneous outbursts of ‘emotion’ which are carefully scripted and clearly intended to manipulate an audience that Cowell et al have nothing but contempt for.

The whole process is utterly cliched from every utterance (‘You’re amazing’, ‘This is my dream’, ‘It’s so close I can almost touch it’ etc) to every dance move.

Try the True Entertainment channel instead. The Waltons, Highway To Heaven, Little House On The Prairie, what more could you want?

And all that morality as well. It does the soul and spirit good.

Do yourself a good turn Malc – if I can be so familiar. After all, the whole of Yorkshire feels like it knows you and I consider you a true ally.

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall

Off her trolley at polite request

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with M Tebb (YEP, September 18) regarding manners (or lack of them) on buses.

But has anyone noticed how large shopping trolleys are taking over bus seats?

I recently asked a lady if she could remove her trolley but was barraged with a load of grunts and groans.

She was not well pleased!

J Bellamy, Oulton

Weeping at the state of willow

ONCE A week I drive up Scott Hall Road with my friend, and we always comment on the beautiful weeping willow tree in the centre of the roundabout.

It was stunning, but somebody has ‘pruned it’, or should I say massacred it?

I am not an expert on trees, but I don’t think it will ever look stunning again.

C Foster, Pudsey

Drivers must learn English

MANY IN Leeds will have been shocked that any Hackney Carriage licences at all are held by people who can’t understand the English language (YEP, September 11).

How can anyone in that position exercise proper responsibility to the public, licencing authorities, the police, insurers etc?

The situation where no one is forced to learn to communicate in the official language of England is seriously detrimental to our overall wellbeing, although Leeds City Council encourages this by printing many documents in up to 15 foreign tongues with the offer of unlimited availability of other translations – at taxpayers’ expense of course!

Another very bad practice is allowing non-English speakers to take their driving tests with an ‘interpreter’ advising what to do, which has previously allowed thousands of unfit drivers on our roads – now thankfully ended by the coalition.

This should be a guideline for Leeds City Council to follow in relation to this issue of Hackney Carriage licences.

In other words, learn English or surrender the ‘plate’!

D Boyes, Rodley

Great effort to clean up park

I would like to congratulate all the volunteers who took part in the recent litter pick at Nunroyd Park in Yeadon.

Part of a global effort by people to take action and clean-up their local neighbourhoods, it’s inspiring to see the kind of impact that people can make when they work together for the good of their community.

Looking at some of the before and after pictures of Nunroyd Park, the difference is clear.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take part myself this time, as I wasn’t made aware of the litter pick until too late. Getting the word out about these things is so often half the battle.

I’m sure there are a great many more people who would have taken part in this excellent initiative if they had known about it.

So I’d like to make a plea to organisers of these events to get in touch with local councillors as a way of spreading the word.

Speaking for myself, I can say I would have been only too pleased to help get the message out about the litter pick.

Hopefully local clean-up efforts will continue in the years ahead.

Coun Paul Wadsworth, Guiseley and Rawdon Ward

Red rose logo offends more

IT is reported that the Rugby Football Union has apologised to anyone offended by the rubber chest grips in the shape of the Victoria Cross which are incorporated in the new England shirt.

As a Yorkshireman, for me, the red rose logo on the shirts is far more offensive.

The RFU should instead have the three lions as their logo.

This has historical and national significance and is, of course, on the England football and cricket shirts.

Graham Branston, Rawdon

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