YEP letters: September 21, 2016

Waving the flag for GB
Waving the flag for GB
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LEt’s have a fitting anthem

A Craven, by Email

Rejoicing in the remarkable success of Team GB in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, I feel so proud to be English.

The winners from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland did not represent their own country, so the Union flag was carried by the victors in celebration, but, unlike for other nations, the country’s national anthem was not played.

However when God save the Queen” is played, I feel a certain dissatisfaction: the tune is dirge-like, the words do not celebrate the nation but the monarch and offend many, who no longer believe in God: entirely inappropriate in every respect!

While watching the Last Night of the Proms and singing along, I realised we already have a good replacement. “Land of Hope and Glory, mother of the free, how can we extol thee, who are born of thee? Wider still and wider may your bounds be set. Our forebears made you mighty, we’ll make you mightier yet.”

With these alterations, the whole nation can sing wholeheartedly this stirring national song, which truly represents us and our heritage.

Any thoughts?

Disabled people deserve more respect

Eileen Heaney, by email

how disgusted I was to read about the plight of Nathan Popple who has severe didabilities due to cerebral palsy (Yorkshire Evening Post, September 14, 2016)

Shame on the taxi drivers who are trying to charge exhorbitant charges on vunerable people they should hang there heads in shame.

Disabled people contribute a lot toLeeds and should be treated with respect and not be expected to pay these charges, they have to go to work etc and require either public transport or must use taxis when this is not possible.

In this day and age of enlightenment this should not be happening .

There is also a sad lack of disabled bays in Leeds city centre ,my husband is disabled and when we went to see a show at the City Varieties I had to park in a disabled bay in Dortmond Square and push my husband in his wheelchair to the theatre as I am also a pensioner this short distance is hard for me.

May I add that the City Varieties is disabled friendly and the staff were so helpful to me and helped me to get my husband in and to his seat thank you for that.

So I say lets call all citizens of our beloved Leeds to support Nathan Popple in his cause!

Not all taxis can be accessible

Nick Keer, Cottingley

I READ with interest the item about disabled people being treated like second class citizens (Yorkshire Evening Post September 14).

Most if not all the taxis and private hire vehicles I’ve seen orused in Leeds are not equipped to carry wheelchairs, unless folded down. Can Mr. Popple do this, with assistance if necessary?

If not, has he not heard of access bus? This is a service primarily aimed at disabled people, and if I was him I’d be using it to the max!

Unfortunately it’s not practical nor cost effective for every taxi to be rebuilt to carry a non-folding wheelchair.

Short sighted to close homes

Alison Nussey, by email

As you have repored in the Yorkshire Evening Post, another four daycentres which provide help for the elderly in Leeds are to be closed.

This will leave three out of 21 there were 21, before the cuts. I have seen the closures from the point of view of a granddaughter and now as a carer of my mother in-law. Radcliffe lane in Pudsey is due to shut soon. I and many others have tried to stop these closures as they affect the quality of life for the elderly I have seen an older lady collapse and be treated at a centre and know from experience that a collapse at home is often not discovered as quickly thereby costing the NHS a lot of money.

Why cant the powers that be see that carers do their best but in the end the price will have to be paid from some other department.

It is short sighted to say the least. I am sending a copy of this letter to all councillors who did not stop the closures. I feel that the whole council is to blame especially the ones who just agree without discussing, or replying to Emails.

Council homes are the best

K Joynson, by email

I READ with some dismay at the plans to close three care home across the city , this is three more to the ones already shut down by our council.

It would be interesting to know how many council run care homes/day centres existed say 25 years ago, to how many are left now!

The 2.5 million saving per year stated is nothing in the scale of things. Just look at how much has and still is being thrown at the bonkers not well used new cycle lane. Plenty of cash for this white elephant.

Council run care homes and day centres benefit hundreds of old, vulnerable, lonely seniors, and keep them active and alive, and gets them out and about.

These proposed cuts are wrong, these are essential core services and need to be maintained to the councils high standards.

Privately run services will never match up to our own council run services with a lower level of staffing etc.

Our seniors deserve more than this!

I feel the council needs to increase and improve day care and residential care not close and cost cut at every turn.

They too will one day needs the services as they approach there twilight years.

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It doesn’t make sense to me

C Jagger, by email

I READ the article on the closures of 3 residential care homes due to lack of council finance (Yorkshire Evening Post, September 15) and then turned to page 6 and read the article re the Travellers moving onto a site at Tingley having left Glen Road Recreation Ground, Morley.

How good of Helen Jones (Chief Executive of Leeds Gate) to suggest that if the site is safe and unused then Leeds Council should provide skips and toilets for the Travellers.

The elderley residents who have worked and paid their taxes and are about to be evicted from their familiar surroundings. Perhaps if a close family member of Helen Jones was being evicted or these Travellers were camping in her back garden her views on where council funds should go may be different.

Redundancies can start at top

B O’Sullivan, by email

This week members of Leeds City Council’s executive board will meet to approve plans to close care homes and day centres. Is this the same executive board who recently approved a £4 million gift to Yorkshire County Cricket Club?

In July we were informed that the council are so strapped for cash that they will be forced to make compulsory redundancies and the leader of the council even suggested that members of the public should pick up litter in the streets to help the cleansing department reduce their costs.

May I be the first to suggest that redundancies start with the Chief Executive who currently receives a much bigger salary than the Prime Minister!

He can spend some of his new free time picking up rubbish whilst contemplating the hypocrisy and double standards of Leeds City Council.

You couldn’t pick a winner

Mr J Taylor, Leeds

IT is almost time to vote for the sports personaility of the year. How will it be possible to vote for one outstanding person out of many hundreds that have performed with outstanding dedication and bravery over the past few years.

A lot that have lost limbs and sufferened trauma, there is not one outstanding - they are all aoutstanding.

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