YEP letters: September 20, 2016

Laws could be toughened on using a mobile whilst driving
Laws could be toughened on using a mobile whilst driving
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Motorists caught twice using a mobile phone while driving could be banned and given a fine of up to £1,000, under new Government plans.

As we reported last week Transport Secretary Chris Grayling will impose much tougher penalties on drivers using mobiles after growing outcry following a spate of fatal accidents.

The news came at the same time as research by the RAC found illegal use of mobile phones by drivers was on the increase with almost a third admitting to using a hand-held device compared to 8 per cent in 2014. We asked readers via social media if they thought there should be harsher penalties for this offence and here are a few of your answers.

We need hard-hitting campaign

Marie Lawrence, via Facebook

I recently watched a short film shown to some young people who admitted using their phone whilst driving. It was made in America.

They were introduced to a young woman who had been involved in an accident caused by a driver using a mobile phone.

When they saw the life changing implications inflicted on the woman everyone of them broke down and vowed never to use a phone whilst driving again.

We need a hard hitting campaign to stop people dying and being disabled by selfish inconsiderate drivers.

In charge of a killer machine

Ayub Khan, Via Facebook

It should carry the same sentence as being under the influence. Simple and straight.

You are in charge of a machine which can kill. If you are not in control of that machine when you SHOULD BE, you should be punished as such.

Too few police to enforce law

Marting Walker, Via Facebook

They should lose their licence, but considering so many don’t really care about the law, what’s the point?

There aren’t enough police out there to enforce anything these days.

No call is that important

Steven Sutcliffe, Via Facebook

They should be banned with immediate effect, no phone call or text message or social media event is important enough to take or make whilst driving.

This is just another law - such as hogging the middle lane, smoking in cars with anyone that’s under 18 - that’s made, which becomes pointless and isn’t robustly enforced.

There are no excuses

Mark Allan, Via Facebook

Nothing is that important.Most Bluetooth kits are either built-in or inexpensive, therefore no excuses..

They can chat away on train!

Julie Harrison, Via Facebook

Ban them for twelve months, easy as. They can use their phones all they want on the bus and train.

A second to change a life

Karen Jones, Via Facebook

It is a proven fact that using a mobile phone whist driving, reduces one’s capability to react to sudden , and often critical, situations.

Remember it only takes a few seconds to change someone’s life forever, including your own.

Phone drivers make me angry

Kayleigh Kavanaghs, via Facebook

The number of drivers I have seen whilst out horse riding and cycling to work who are on their phones while driving makes me mad.

This stupidity kills people

Susan Slunker, Via Facebook

It should be a lot harsher sentence. People are being killed because of this stupidity.

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Immediate ban is needed

Damian Barrett, Via Facebook

Two-month ban immediately. 18 people have lost their lives this year due to people using their mobiles whilst driving.

Sad people ruled by phones

Benny Karr, Via Facebook

Yes, clamp down on these idiots. You see them every single day doing it. These sad people are clearly ruled by their phones.

Fine them and crush phones

Simon Milner, Via Facebook

Along with points, a bigger fine, the offenders phone should be crushed!

A danger to themselves

Muir Halleron, Via Facebook

They should have their licenses revoked for life. They’re a danger to themselves and others around them.

Do we have police to do it?

Graham Dimelow, Via Facebook

Far too many people use phones in cars, yes the penalties should be stronger, trouble is there are not enough police out there to catch them.

How did they cope before?

Rupert Rigsby, Via Facebook

See people all the time on their phones while at the wheel.

What did these people do before the mobile was invented?

Block phone while driving

Michael Kent, Via Facbook

IT is very dangerous, but an everyday occurrence.

Some people just do not care and there should be some kind of detection device that will block the phones while in the vehicle is in motion.

What about a one month ban?

Martin Greenwood, by email

I KNOW this is asking for people’s opinions on the penalty for the offence but what’s the point?

People’s driving in general is getting worse, red light runners , no patience, cutting up etc and then the number of cyclists with no lights making driving at night even harder.

And on top of that the police presence is lacking. I even had to stop for a car driving wrong way up a one way street then turned up another one way street the wrong way past a marked police car, which simply moved out of his way and did nothing! So does it matter what the penalty is? How about a one-month ban?!

Does move go far enough?

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