YEP Letters: September 19

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Recent disagreements over the HS rail-link suggest its likely demise.

Most likely it will be built to Birmigham and then finish.

We should test the government’s good faith by proposing it be simultaneously started from Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. This would create employment in both regions concurrently.

Or even started only from Leeds. This would provide a test-run for the line’s extension beyond West Yorkshire. If found to be too expensive or time-consuming, it could be stopped – having provided a useful Leeds-Manchester link.

Also it would not impact so evidently and destructively on the environment – it being moorland and not fertile, inhabited, pretty lowland vistas.

But given the adaptations available now on trains for those working while travelling, and the small time-saving in the context of our small island and present fast speeds, we may as well just sit back and snooze, read, talk, think, observe people and the passing world.

Where’s the time for romancing the beautiful spy, solving the enigmatic murder, escaping the clutches of a foreign assassin, listening spell-bound to the explorers’ adventures or pulling-off the million dollar deal?

Bring back the blazing boiler fed by wiry, soot-stained blokes with missing teeth; grimy-handed and sparkling with sweat.

The acrid swirling smoke, the atmospheric station –buffets replete with rock-hard buns and blood-red tea, tarts both on and behind the counter, muttering porters, fags behind ears, shrieking, whistling spine-chilling boiler-hooded monsters thundering through the night.

Let’s face it, at 225mph it would be a hell of a brief encounter.

Paul Kilroy, Leeds 16

Homes ruling must be upheld

I WRITE in response to your article regarding the campaign by Horsforth residents to prevent housing being built on a beautiful green field site on Outwood Lane (Historic site homes plan battle goes to appeal, YEP, September 12). Leeds City Council supported the residents last year, and turned down the planning application. Redrow Homes have now taken the case to appeal at the Planning Inspectorate.

I wholeheartedly support the residents in their campaign. This is an unspoilt part of Horsforth that lies within the Cragg Hill and Woodside Conservation Area. Any development would have a huge, detrimental effect on this part of Horsforth.

I hope that the Planning Inspector, who oversees this appeal, sees sense and upholds the council’s refusal of planning permission. It is vitally important that planning inspectors respect local decisions and that the principle of localism is upheld. New housing is always a contentious issue and I have spent a good deal of my time over the past year supporting residents who oppose proposed sites for new housing. In this case it is quite a clear argument, local people are against these plans and have been for many years. It would be a travesty if the inspector were to allow new housing on this pretty spot.

Rob Clayton, Conservative group support manager, Conservative group office

Let’s have real accountability

WHAT A surprise. The “serious” case review into the death of Daniel Pelka says “lessons are to be learned” and that there is no point calling individual people to account.

It calls for improved communication between agencies. This is supposed to be a key part of the role of any health or social care worker/professional.

If you’re not doing your job properly you should be sacked. That’s what happened in the 70s when I embarked on my career. I have myself played a major role in three Registered Nurses being struck off for incompetence.

I would expect the same to happen to me. A manager or, indeed, MP is accountable for this, so let’s stop this “I take full responsibility but will not show any accountability” nonsense started in part by Blair over Iraq. It sickens me. Absolutely sickens me.

Richard Kimble, by email

Questioning Labour’s record

NOT A very auspicious start to the 2015 election campaign from Ms Veronica King – Labour candidate for Elmet and Rothwell – as she repeats the same falsehood about taxation of the wealthy, of which by the way, there are more than a few in Labour’s ranks who benefit.

Could she confirm that from May 1997 to April 2010, ie the 12 years and 10 months the highest tax rate applicable to millionaires under Labour was just 40 per cent, ie five per cent less than what they pay now?

Also did Labour double-tax on the low paid and OAP from 10 per cent to 20 per cent or not?

Did they also give OAPs the most derisory rise ever in state pension of only 75p a week?

Wasn’t council tax in Leeds under Labour up by 100 per cent in just ten years and has it been frozen by the Coalition for three years in a row giving a valuable tax break to the poor?

As for youth unemployment, does Ms King agree that Labour’s mass immigration policy never discussed with the electorate at all, has contributed greatly to this, depressed wages and placed great strain on public services eg housing, NHS, school places and welfare etc?

In fact, looking at Labour’s appalling record, who in their right mind would ever vote for them?

DS Boyes, Rodley Lane, Leeds 13

Lacking a bank in Middleton

COULD SOMEONE tell me why we haven’t a bank at Middleton? Lots of shops and houses, two new supermarkets going up.

Not all have internet or want it!

They can’t take much more from Middleton; what about the old people, what do they do for a bank?

A Francis, Sissons Lane, Middleton

Bedroom tax and the elderly

I WAS perplexed by the tone of letter by A Shipman regarding bedroom tax for the over 60s (August 22). Of course it’s unfair that younger people have to pay it or move house and why many people (myself included) are against it, but what does he/she expect the elderly to do when there are no smaller places available to go to.

Also why should people after many years in comfort, after working hard and bringing up their family, have to be forced out with little notice into a strange world where they are a stranger to all around them. Two wrongs don’t make a right as the next election will confirm.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds 9

Zero hours rates for MPs

IT SEEMS to me that if we have to have zeros hours for flexibility, then perhaps the best place to have then would be in the House Of Commons.

We could pay MPs only when they are in their offices answering mail, or sitting in the House, or on committee. The rest of the time they could wait until they are called. Their own parties could fund them at conference time.

John Blakey, Park Villas, Leeds 8

Helping animals

ANIMAL AID would like to thank the people of Leeds for their generosity in raising £130 at a street collection on August 24. The money will help fund our peaceful campaigns and our important educational work on all aspects of animal cruelty. For more details, call Animal Aid on 01732 364546 or see

Angela Courtney, Animal Aid collection co-ordinator