YEP Letters: September 18

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Any other candidate would have been better

Jack Banner


The decision by the Labour Party to allow online voting at a cost of 3 pounds per vote in respect of their leadership battle was quite unbelievable.

It is quite possible that the Tories voted for the person that they were more likely to defeat in a future election!

Jeremy Corbyn lacks presence and personality.

What little respect I had for him evaporated when he refused to sing our national anthem!

This is not just about our royal family but about our nation.

What did he hope to prove by demonstrating his ignorance?

By December his beard might come in handy as he auditions for pantomimes or requests to play Father Christmas.

As I have said previously, I am traditionally a labour voter but Mr Corbyn does not represent my views.

Any of the other candidates would have given Labour a better chance of challenging the Tories!

Left-wing references

T Maunder


I notice, as have many, that the BBC constantly refer to Corbyn as the “left wing” Leader of The Labour Party, as do many newspapers.

Could they also refer, therefore, to Cameron as the “right wing” Leader of The Conservative Party in favour of objectivity?