YEP Letters: September 18

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I FEEL I must reply to Mr Kilroy’s disgusting attack on my home city of Leeds (YEP, September 10).

He claims Leeds is arrogant and mean towards Bradford. He claims Leeds was a squalid backwater.

I have never heard such rubbish in all my life.

Leeds has always been a powerhouse, from the likes of Hunslet Engine Company to the many textile firms.

Leeds is a financial and retail giant. Even in the global downturn Leeds built a world class arena and Trinity shopping centre, with John Lewis on its way.

So, yes, Leeds is booming but why should Leeds help Bradford, a city that is bitter?

Let’s be honest, if things were the other way round would Bradford help Leeds?

As a Leeds man born and bred I have seen Leeds grow from a good city into a great city.

I am so proud of Leeds.

The city centre is buzzing and our shops, hotels, museums and so on are thriving.

Leeds needs to look after Leeds.

Tony Makin, Leeds

Parking charge rise is no help

I write with regard to the recent decision to increase charges at the Woodhouse Lane multi-storey car park.

Although this increase is small – only 50p per day – I have to wonder if this is the right time for the council to be maximising profits.

The reduction to the pricing was a huge success when it was introduced, seeing the car park going from virtually empty to nearly always full.

This is a great boost to the economy of Leeds with many shop keepers and business owners benefitting, as well as the arena.

This council has shown again its ‘enthusiasm’ to punish the motorist, with the implementation of evening and weekend on street parking charges, the removal of a number of off street parking areas and now the increase in charges. The motorist is not seeing any benefits from this increase in charging.

The roads in and around the city are getting worse with more and more potholes popping up.

A 50p increase may not seem like a lot today, but what’s to stop the council raising the charge again in a few months, to the point where the cost becomes prohibitive?

The council should be trying to support businesses in this city not making it harder for them to get trade.

And it should start by resisting every opportunity to hammer the motorist.

Coun Andrew Carter, Leader of the Conservative Group, Leeds City Council

No manners on Leeds buses

I AM a lady of 82 and I travel on the buses quite a lot, but twice recently I have not been offered a seat on a full bus, even though on one occasion I had a small suitcase.

Alternatively, having been to London I was offered seats regularly, both on the bus and the Tube. So to all those who travel on buses in Leeds, where are your manners and respect?

M Tebb, Pudsey

Rousing finale to the Proms

THERE’S MUSIC – and then there’s music.

Last Night of the Proms showcased gifted musicians with such enormous talents, both vocal and instrumental, giving outstanding performances in the Royal Albert Hall, as well as a rousing grand finale.

Mavis Harrison, Leeds

Mobiles killing conversation

AFTER READING the letter from Terry Maunder (YEP, August 25) I was glad to learn that I am not the only one to see the danger of our mobile phones killing the art of conversation.

Like drinking and taking drugs, it can put you in a little world of your own, and you cannot stop.

I only take calls on a mobile my son gave me as I want to live in peace and only my family know my number.

I wrote about mobiles a few years ago saying we might finish up with a grunt or a groan instead of proper conversation.

A Hague, Harehills

Stop ‘ageism’ over insurance

I agree 100 per cent with the sentiments of Ernest Lundy (YEP, September 8) on the subject of car insurance.

By the amount of their adverts on TV one would be inclined to believe that in spite of insurance being obligatory, these companies still seem to have trouble attracting clients.

Some of the offers they make are without foundation – as a phone call or two will quickly substantiate.

Some time ago there was a deal of discussion on the subject of ‘ageism’, in terms of the discrimination shown against old and young drivers in the matter of the outlandish sums being demanded for insurance. But as yet nothing has been done and many insurers refuse to insure drivers above a certain age or rip them off with premiums so high that many are unable to afford them.

This after what could well be a lifetime of paying in while obtaining few, if any, returns as a result of driving accident free.

So come on you MPs, do something to earn your money and take up the subject of ‘ageism’ in all its forms, and stop these insurance moguls from taking drivers ‘for a ride’ – if they can afford it.

J Smith, Leeds

Footpath in a shocking state

THE FOOTPATH between Collingham and Bardsey along the A58 is in a shocking state, particularly at a relatively short stretch of the Collingham part. It is so poorly maintained I guess it hasn’t been touched since 1973 or earlier, since Collingham and district became part of Leeds.

The council could at least have a look, find the worst bit and patch it up.

Terry Allinson, Bardsey

MPs milking the system

No longer do you have to wear a striped jumper and mask to carry out a robbery.

All you have to do is stand for Parliament and become an MP, and then you can rob the taxpayers legally.

What other job pays as well while allowing them to employ relatives and friends as office staff, amounting to a wage bill of up to £140,000 a year to assist them to do the job they are paid to do?

I am told that if a publican needs assistance, he has to pay out of his own wages, so why the difference?

If the MPs have to get expenses to do their job, they should get a reasonable amount, not double the wage they receive, and it should go to qualified people, not to relatives.

It doesn’t take anyone with half a brain to see that they are continuing to milk the system while thinking up ways to can cut benefits and so on from the ordinary working class.

Malcolm Shedlow, Moortown

Laughter cure

THIS HAS been the summer of discontent with bad news stories following each other across the headlines.

While we are waiting for an answer to fundamental questions perhaps humour is the best medicine.

A man walked into a pub with a pig on a lead. The barman said: “Does he grunt when you stroke him?”

The pig replied: “Yes, he does.”

Max Nottingham, Lincoln

Kirkgate Market, Leeds

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