YEP Letters: September 18

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What a dreadful decision Leeds City Council made at their Executive Board meeting. Closing Primrose Hill is turning the clock back 30 years, when Councillor William Hill lobbied and worked hard for Primrose Hill to be built.

This is a devastating decision:

For the old folk who live at Primrose Hill today; it is their home;

For all of us who may need residential care in the future, and want it to be near to our families, there will not be a local care home;

For the staff who for so long have dedicated themselves to looking after the residents;

For 6,252 people in all the local communities who pledged their support that Primrose Hill should remain open now and for the future, Leeds City Council has totally ignored the collective wish of their electorate. They said they would listen, well they have not. They have played a politically correct consultation process and had absolutely no intention of listening.

The report which the council leaders considered was flawed; statements made by council representatives during the consultation process, were totally ignored and omitted from the report. Statements that:

Contradicted the claim that financial savings will made;

Contradicted the claim of an oversupply of care beds;

Contradicted the claim that Primrose Hill is an old out-of-date building.

Why did council representatives choose to ignore their own statements admitting flaws?

Surely this is intent to mislead key decision making?

The campaign has submitted an appeal to request that the decision is withdrawn and that a full review takes place.

If you want to let Leeds City Council know how you feel, please do so by writing to Chief Executive, Leeds City Council, Civic Hall, Leeds, LS1 1UR.

Signed on behalf of Save Primrose Hill Care Home Campaign, David Morton, Angela Morton, Simon Ambrose, Jane Ambrose, Karlis Obrams, Angela Marshall, David James, , Lois Franklin, Celia Jones, Lesley Kitchen , Susan England, Roger England, Irene Taylor, Liz Black, Derek Imrie, Elizabeth Imrie, Anne Page, Sara Clement, Linda Brockley, Denise Wales, Sharon Fountain, Richard Littlewood, George Benson, June Greenall, John Baxter, Norma Waddington, Margaret Speight, Arthur Ellis, Ethel Baxter, Anne Greenwood, Janet Rawdon, Vera Whitehead, Sue Renshaw, Kathleen Morris, Jonathan Kinroy, Maureen Want, Tess Ferres, Sue Renshaw, Sue Wood, Paul Brown, Maureen Fox, Julie Thompson, Sandra Greenall, Janet Green, David Green, Barbara Courtman, Jennifer Wormald, Kathleen Morris, William Smith, Liz Smith, Peter Smith, Maddie Wigglesworth, Keith Wigglesworth, Jon Smith, Kerry Russell, Judy Whittle, Sarah Ellis, Stephen Thompson, Gilly Thompson, Michael Brady, Diana Ceford, Graham Platt, Anne Maney, , Anne Tooke, Denis Tooke, Brian Aston, Angela Windle, Susie Lax, , Annabel Franklin, Helen Dowson, Andrew Dowson

‘Jump the gun’ bedroom tax

AFTER READING that thousands fall into the red with rent payments (YEP, August 29), there is another option to be looked at. First it was unjust to bring these changes in suddenly without giving thought to the results of it.

People can’t be just used like a number and told to move stock after many years living there.

The size called a bedroom (7 ft by 6 ft) is far too small and you could not swing a cat by its tail in it.

The extra charged for a genuine bedroom, £12 to £14 a week, is very reasonable (if you can afford it) so you could let it to someone for far more and make a profit, then all would be happy. Otherwise you have a choice of sacrificing some extras which most of us do have, or moving to a smaller place, but only if there is one available, so we should lobby our MP to get these places built and a new minimum size that can be called a bedroom before anyone can be taken to court because of this jump the gun bedroom tax.

AE Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds 9

Students spoil area in two days

YES, THE poor students have returned to beautiful clean Headingley and in just two days of their return there are bottles and cans, also vomit on all the footpaths and gutters.

Funny? Thought they had come to study, it’s little wonder CBI members prefer to recruit from overseas for their senior positions.

How can the students justify this disgraceful, childlike behaviour? There are ample empty footpath bins for them to use.

Name and address supplied

Tracking city’s past troubles

COULD THE ‘City Fathers’ who erected the unfit-for-purpose Department of Health offices carbuncle – aka ‘the Kremlin,’ and assembled the self-shrinking National Swimming Pool be trusted to deploy their ill-conceived creations throughout the city under the guise of a non-state-of-the-art Trolleybus?

I think not.

M Pepratx-Evans, Leeds

An ideal site for a nature trail

THE REPORTED re-introduction of pleasure craft on Waterloo Lake (YEP, August 31) could literally hit a snag in the shape of a rusty pram, cycle or chassis.

Such objects d’art should have been cleared when the lake was drained 20 years ago. But due, I think to misguided ecological thinking about fish habitats, it was not.

The same wrong-headedness and limited thinking resulted in the closure of the open-air swimming pool and paddling pool.

This was a Hollywood-type feature possibly unique in a British city and a testament to far-sighted and progressive thinking.

It persists in the unimaginative treatment of “The Gorge”; that fissure in the land between Shadwell ring-road and the park lakes.

This could be converted into a landscaped woodland nature trail, with elevated walkways, streamside seating, bird boxes, picnic areas etc.

In the mid-1970s I supervised a group of unemployed youngsters, doing precisely this. I, too, was unemployed on a scheme.

No need for inflated salaries, Napoleonic job titles, Byzantine procedures, plutonium-type screening or MI5 background checks – just willing hands, right dispositions and good leadership.

Paul Kilroy, Spennithorne Avenue

Still waiting on the million

I AM 80 years old and could be a millionaire.

I say could be because for many years I have been receiving many letters through my letterbox telling me that I am at the latter stages of winning thousands of pounds and all I have to do is to buy something from that firm.

Well, years later and with goods I didn’t really want I haven’t received a penny.

Still it’s been nice thinking that one day I could have been a millionaire.

My rubbish bin as from now will get full quite quickly.

Malcolm Shedlow, 
Alderton Rise, Leeds 17

Bag thanks

I WOULD like to think that the person who found my handbag in Morrisons’ cafe in Hunslet last week would see this letter, and I wish to thank them for their honesty, and also thank the driver of the access bus (Eddie) who waited for me whilst I enquired about it, and the very helpful assistant in the cafe.

Thanks to you all.

Mavis Harrison, Saxton Gardens, Leeds