YEP Letters: September 17

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Celebrate when the match is over

Martin Davison, Whitwood

First of all I would like to say well done to Yorkshire cricket club for winning the county championship for the second year running, great achievement.

Sadly the game at Middlesex left me with a nasty taste in my mouth.

Even though the championship was secured on the first day, I think it is wrong to start drinking and celebrating at the end of day one of the match.

When I saw it on the late BBC Look North programme I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

It obviously backfired as Middlesex ending up thrashing the Tykes.

I think it is unprofessional and a total lack of respect towards the opposition.

Yorkshire have been the best team by a country mile this season so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what has happened.

This fired up the opposition and we ended up losing our unbeaten tag.

As a season ticket holder at Elland Road, I just hope the players don’t decided to have a couple of beers at half time when they are winning!

I am all for celebrating, but wait until the match is over first.


Support for teen sport

Georgina Coburn, by email

Every Tuesday at Rothwell Sports Centre for 12-16 year olds of any ability/experience there are swim, bike and run sessions. The running session is free. Meet at reception then it will take place on the sports field at the side of the sports centre.

Cycling spin class and swimming are in the sports centre and reduced prices for Breeze Card holders. Young people can attend all three sessions or just one or two.

My son went for the first time this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw a poster inside the sports centre on Saturday otherwise we wouldn’t have known about it.

Staff advised nobody else has attended in the previous two weeks. He was the only one who went for the running session. Four others came for spin and two of them stayed on for the swim.

I have sent emails to Royds and Rodillian Schools and posted to their Facebook 

There is little on offer locally for this age group. It would be a shame for it to be stopped due to low numbers.

Be realistic on immigration

Liz Goodwill, by email

Quite frankly I and many other people I talk to are sick to death of this, welcome all immigrants with open arms?

In Leeds today we already have over 30,000 on the waiting list for “social” housing, schools that have no places left (and overcrowded classes), doctors surgeries with no appointments, hospitals with no beds, old people’s homes closing, police/ambulance/fire service stretched and no extra money, when is enough enough?

It’s not being rascist or uncompassionate, its being realistic. This country has enough population, as does most of Europe, and for those who object to my comments, only this to say, why if this is such a catastrophe, is not the rest of the world involved? Surely we are all human beings, whatever colour, creed or race?

Cuts lead to library closures

John Appleyard, Liversedge

The literacy of the working class was advanced considerably by the Public library Act of 1850.

There was much hostility to the bill when first introduced, the Conservatives claiming that the upper and middle classes would be paying for a service that would mean being used by the lower class and that, ‘the more educated people get, the more difficult they are to manage’.

Today the Government is cutting local authority budgets which are leading to library closures, reduced hours and job losses.

Some children are reliant on library computers for doing school home work, the unemployed for job applications.

Poorer people who cannot afford to buy books will be discriminated against and parents reading books to their children is essential to their child’s development.

The BBC cameras recently went into the House of Commons library in 
parliament where MPs have 
a vast range of books 
alongside up to date information and research by the libraries staff.

These services for MPs are provided for by the taxpayer, how would they feel or manage if the House of Commons library was closed?

Priorities are wrong

T Maunder, Kirkstall

Yesterday the House Of Commons discussed the ending of tax credits, which is going to affect a lot of people very negatively.

Yet what is on all the front pages this morning? Corbyn not singing the National Anthem. He has made clear his gratitude to the people who fought against Fascism in WW2. He doesn’t sing it because of his principles.

He’s been criticised for not wearing a red poppy but the pacifist white poppy – again a matter of principle and also because the red poppy has been appropriated by groups like EDL and BNP. Good to see these papers have got their priorities right.

Tax credits cut? Iain Duncan Smith demonising the disabled? Little about these issues from what I’ve seen. Only one national paper has taken the latter to task for his archaic attitudes.

Time to vote to leave EU

James Petch, Leeds 15

I could not agree more with the comments that F and A Ward made in the YEP (September 11).

I have been told in the last few weeks that over 300,000 more people arrived in the UK than left. What are these people coming to the UK 
for? Are they intending to work or have they come to enjoy our generous welfare payments?

I, like most retired people, have paid our National Insurance contributions for 50 years.

I am now told that some of the people that have arrived from the EU are receiving more in one week than I receive in a month from my state pension.

It is time to make a stand and push for a vote to leave the EU as soon as possible.

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