YEP Letters: September 15

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Meanwood is spoiled by students

R B Verity, Meanwood

With reference to the YEP article: ‘25 things you won’t know about Headingley unless you’ve lived there’, was this written by a student? Someone on work experience?

I don’t know how many students buy the paper, but this article was aimed at students and their lifestyle.

JRR Tolkien didn’t study at the University of Leeds, he was a lecturer. He did rent a house at West Park, then one near Shaw Lane. And it’s Meanwood Woods close to his West Park house (not Meanwood Valley) which local folklore says inspired The Lord of the Rings, although his family says that’s not true.

One could also add to this article that there seems to be more than 14 per cent of wheelie bins left permanently on the streets, and more than 14 per cent’s worth of rubbish scattered everywhere. And that the overnight football also happens in Meanwood. The other year we had them kicking balls over house roofs into the next street at 3am.

Headingley isn’t the only place these thoughtless, selfish students live. Meanwood is completely spoiled by them now, they have expanded to the Monkbridges and Bentleys near Waitrose, and the surrounding area, expanding all the time - thanks to the increase in student numbers. You can’t walk down the streets these days without seeing rows of wheelie bins scattered on the pavement and having to dodge into the road because these fit young people don’t give a damn about taking them in.

Once tidy gardens are now overgrown tips with unkempt hedges and you can see bottles, cans and paper left in them for months on end. It’s about time they were made to pay council tax.

They use the services, they should pay. The landlords, off-licences, drug dealers, takeaways, taxis, etc don’t say “Oh, you’re a student, you don’t have to pay” so why should the council? Times are hard, the council needs the money - so fine them for being anti-social. We the council tax payers need to have our pavements free from rubbish and bins.

Pavements should be clear for people to walk on - people in wheelchairs, babies in pushchairs, toddlers learning to walk. It’s a disgrace. Have you looked on Google Street View? Irresponsible students who are mentally still children given free rein and spending money. Would you want to walk your toddler on some of these streets where they can’t see where they’re going because of bins? Why have we let this happen?I see Cardiff City Council are having an “offensive” to make students take their bins in. Why can’t Leeds City Council do this?

They have these half-hearted attempts which last a few weeks then they let it drop - think how much money they could make by fining people for leaving their bins blocking the pavements. Why can’t the universities tell their students how to behave and what to do to fit into society as grown-ups?

Headingley may only have 14 per cent students, but sadly Meanwood has a much higher percentage than that.


Incensed at comments

B Butterfield, by email

I rarely become incensed by the drivel that some of your writers submit but Philip Crowther (YEP letter September 12) did hit a nerve.

I find both his comments and those of Grant Woodward to be unfounded. I accept all the envious comments that are made regarding the Queen’s wealth but many other people are equally or more wealthy and have done nothing to benefit the country.

She has spent all her life in the spotlight without having the choice of privacy. As a young princess, she served in the ATS during the Second World War and remained in London with her parents when many either fled the capital or were evacuated.

Moving on a little, Mr Crowther is free to move to a more accommodating country. This could have drawbacks as he wouldn’t necessarily be able to freely decry the leadership. I feel Russia’s Mr Putin would soon resolve such an issue as his predecessors did along with many other countries across the world.

A final thought, imagine any of our present or past politicians as a president; heaven forbid.

Tories should stop gloating

Alan Ogden, by email

Now that the new leadership of Tom and Jerry are in place, the Tories would do well to stop gloating.

If Corbyn can persuade those young people who have never voted before, or have never been interested even in the slightest in politics, to register their support for him, then surely he can perform the same trick over the coming years, especially when the Conservatives are more then ever perceived as only representing the well off in society.

Forget about Corbyn mania

P Hill, Lancaster

Who would have guessed that Jeremy Corbyn would one day lead the Labour party, I don’t even believe the man himself would.

A man of our time, the creation by the media and the political pundits of a damp squib, the demonisation of Mr Corbyn will now commence. Corbyn mania, a storm that will rumble on and on and on from the day he was elected to the 2020 election, then like Ed Miliband he will just fade away.

The reality is that it didn’t matter who Labour elected, Jeremy Corbyn, like the other three candidates, are of no consequence to the politics of today.

In my opinion our electoral system by pure chance has produced a government that statistics tells us can’t be defeated. What we have now is a virtual one party state, who knows what dangers this could pose in the years to come.

So forget this present Jeremy Corbyn mania it’s just hot air created by the media for the plebs.

Mood of the electorate

Derek Barker, Moortown

The pro Tory press are now saying that Jeremy Corbyn will drag this country back to the bad old days of the 70s.

What do they expect after successive governments over the last 35 years, including the so called New Labour government, have dragged the ordinary workers back to the Victorian era in terms of workers rights pay and conditions? Given the overwhelming election victory of Jeremy Corybyn this must surely be a good indication as to the mood of the electorate as a whole.