YEP letters: September 14, 2016

Leeds has been named the best place to live in Britain for quality of life.
Leeds has been named the best place to live in Britain for quality of life.
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Leeds was named best city in Britain when it came to quality of life - but your reaction on Facebook showed a tale of two cities.

This week we reported Leeds had been named as the best city in Britain when it come to quality of life, beating the likes of London, Manchester an dEdinburgh in a new global ranking.

It was placed 26th out of 100 cities around the world when leading infrastructure consultancy Arcadis measured factors including health, education, income inequality, work-life balance, crime and living costs.

The city was also in the top quarter for economic sustainability, but struggled to compete in the economic rankings when it came in at 69th.

Leodians and newcomers to the city took to social media, particularly our Facebook site, to comment on the story and gave a very mixed reaction to the survey’s findings

This is great news!

Luke Pattinson, via Facebook

Great news this. I moved here eight years ago and it was very scruffy in most areas, for a city there was rubbish all over. Since then the city has cleaned up with not as much litter and things dumped around.

Leeds has so much potential and I think will get eveven better. We have two big new shopping centres ,plenty of jobs and more things on the way. The bad areas might look bad but aren’t as bad as they look, it’s cosmetics. The problem I feel with Leeds is that regarding transport, it is still a 1960s set up in central Leeds but how to improve it is the hard bit.

I think Manchester still edges us because of transport.

I see Liverpool and Leeds on par, Leeds great for jobs and the wider area and Liverpool for fun.

Did they wear blinkers?

Andy Killingbeck, on Facebook

Let’s be honest, Leeds is more than just the city centre! It’s expensive to park and the transport system/road network is a joke.

Venture a mile or so out side and you will find a completely different story. S urrounded by slums - occupied by foreigners who don’t care less about the city. It’s two different cites altogether. Who ever did this survey must have worn blinkers.

It’s good but not world class

Sam Walker, via Facebook

It’s a good city but far from a world class city; lack of decent public transport andsporting facilities etc is definitely holding it back. It is also a very divided city.

There’s pockets of deprivation just a mile from the new shopping centre and just how many £40k+ jobs?.

Most ‘financial services’ jobs in this city are low skill/admin/processing jobs!

Good,but not world class

Happier, safer, better weather!

Ashley Shearn, via Facebook

I LIVE in wakefield and go to leeds at least twice a month, for excellent shopping and nights out.

Yes the road network does leave a lot to be desired, so I use the excellent rail links.

I commute to manchester and travel all over that county.

I can promise you that Leeds is a far, happier, safer (less serious crime) better weather (thanks to the Pennines stopping the wet weather manchester suffers) place to be.

Don’t knock it, all city’s have run down suburbs, but they are not as bad as Miles Platting, Moss Side etc. Believe me!

Rude drivers, grubby centre

Jan Jones, via Facebook

I MOVED to Leeds four years ago, sadly I don’t love it, people are rude, drivers shocking, parking expensive and the city centre grubby!

I’m moving back to Leeds

Delyth Evans-Wright, via Facebook

Well I’m moving back after 35 years in London!

Depends which part of Leeds you live in of course.

If you don’t like it, try Bradford!

Tony Makin, via Facebook

Utterly shameful comments about Leeds. No wonder our city doesn’t get Government support or recognition with all these people slating Leeds.- obviously have never been on a night out here as the city is packed out with shoppers and new visitors.

I’m sure Leeds can’t compete with druggie towns like Salford or Edinburgh or murder capitals like London, Glasgow or Manchester (lol). When all those cities were on fire during the riots Leeds wasn’t.

Leeds is a wonderful city and will able to show the world on the 28th what a great sporting city it is. Leeds athletes won more gold medals than any other city at the Olympics and now we have another hero in Kadeena Cox gold medal winner and world record holder so many things to be proud of, but Leeds people don’t care. Shameful!

It isn’t perfect and needs better transport, however it is safer compared to other big cities gun and knife crime lower than in Manchester.

I think people on this page are anti-Leeds. If you don’t like Leeds move to Bradford where you will see a nightmare of a place!

We need a decent pool

Gary Johnson, via Facebook

We need a decent swimming venue really. Its shameful that Barnsley is the go-to swimming centre near Leeds.

Surrounded by lovely places

Nathan Medley, via Facebook

We have lots of nice places in Leeds, Morley, Garforth, Rothwell and Otley, but unfortunately as with all big cities we have some bad areas too!

Big up your city, people

Sue Sheard, Via Facebook

Let us be optimistic.There are jobs, they are doing the roads, easterly Road, York road, new cycle paths throughout the city (although it’s a pain while they are doing it). It’s the city with the most parks, the biggest market, popular shops, lots of hotels! Park and ride. Come on people big up your city!

Get some pride back in city

Paul Seifert, via Facebook.

I’ve lived in Leeds most of my life 40 years plus and worked in loads of other city’s andtowns and travelled to loads more.

I can honestly say we have the worst roads in the country . God knows what happens with the money allocated for them .

Leeds city council, when did you stop sweeping the streets? There disgusting.

Let’s get some pride back in the city folks.

I look forward to moving home

Carol Brook, via Facebook

I WAS born and bred in Leeds, like most big citys over the years it’s had its fair share of change as had most of the country, but I know the nicest family and friends who live here so will be moving “home” one day.

There are pockets of bad but equally of more importance huge pockets of good.

Survey is spot on for me

Fiona Ross, via Facebook

Fiona Ross I’ve been here almost 4 years and love it - it’s the perfect mix of city life, if you want it, yet with the countryside just on our doorstep.

Leeds people have made it so easy to make this my home, much more so than when I lived in York.

Rent is a bit expensive and transport could be better but compared to other places.

I totally agree with this survey