YEP Letters: September 11

the Union Flag pictured behind the flag of the European Union. Photo. Tim Ireland/PA Wire
the Union Flag pictured behind the flag of the European Union. Photo. Tim Ireland/PA Wire
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Europe’s debt to us is long overdue

Dennis Lemmon, Leeds

When the last war ended in 1945 this country was on its knees, almost bankrupt, for we had funded the war in Europe on money which had been borrowed mostly from the USA and Canada.

This debt was enormous and had to be repaid and was only settled in 2005, it took 60 years and was a huge burden to the British taxpayer. So you would have thought that once the rest of Europe was back on its feet they would have made a contribution to that debt, but no, they were very grateful for our efforts but never offered any financial help. So I think it is high time that they did. So when they present us with the bill, supposedly billions for Brexit, we should in return give them an invoice, plus interest, for what it cost us to free them from the Nazis. We do not owe Europe a penny, but they owe us plenty and that debt is long overdue.

A ‘legal’ red light zone is not the answer

Shaun Kavanagh, by email

Regarding authorised prostitution on the streets of Leeds, let’s not kid ourselves, as one of the oldest professions (loose term) in the world, prostitution will never be eradicated in our society.

Many will feel certain members of society provide a service for others. That said, by limiting activities to a particular area results in a dramatic downturn in the quality of daily life for the residents and businesses within that chosen area.

To many the current goings-on are controlled by unsavoury individuals i.e. “pimps” purely for personal gain, probably fuelling drug use etc , often at the expense of the street workers who often appear to be living a low life existence.

Would it not be better to establish specific premises under proper legal control so everyone benefits from such an organised and safe environment whereby residents and businesses do not continually suffer? Many residents living within the designated areas where prostitution benefits from the turning of a blind eye will feel let down by the authorising authorities.

Why has Holbeck, to the south of Leeds, been chosen as a designated area and not say, Alwoodley or Shadwell to the north? If there are to be areas within Leeds set aside for such activities then shouldn’t there also be other areas, perhaps at the opposite side of the city?

Having such uncontrolled activity on our streets, even in designated areas, is not the answer, but off street control might be. If those in power believe prostitution is limited to the streets of Holbeck then they are living in a solitary world. Negative policing, mainly attributed to resource and finance etc, will not see any deterrents re: on street prostitution. One thing is certain, something must be done to eradicate the unsavoury nuisance factor on the streets in order to protect residents etc, whilst not forgetting the cost to rate payers for the clean-up process required, all irrespective of what those in authority might think.

Climate change ‘nonsense’

Terry Watson, Adel

Judy Goodwin (YEP Letters September 1) was quite correct in assuming that politicians just sign off any policy put in front of them without thinking things through.

I am sure many people wondered when we were told we will all be driving electric cars in 2040, where will all the electricity come from? Our stupid governments have not thought about the consequences of closing all our coal mines while spending billions on those hideous wind farms which produce so little and extremely expensive electricity.

They are obviously obsessed by man made climate change, which scientists have proved to be absolute nonsense with no scientific facts to support it. Their theory that carbon dioxide is causing climate change is absolute garbage.

We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide which is just the opposite of what trees do. So why are we importing thousands of trees from Canada to burn in our power stations while sending thousands of trees to China to combat global warming?

We are now told that the trees we are burning are producing ten times more harmful emissions than coal .

Other countries are just ignoring climate change rubbish. Germany built 20 coal fired power stations recently from green taxes and Australian power stations are 80 per cent coal fired.

Governments have made billions out of green taxes but only Donald Trump has rebelled against it. He is going to spend the money saved on America instead. An Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change official confirmed the travesty of global warming treaties when he said: “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy, instead climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto, the world’s ‘wealth .” That was in 2010!

Misinformation on Brexit

Alan Slomson, Leeds 6

P. Blackshaw (YEP Letters, September 4) repeats another Brexit myth in saying that the “EU hasn’t produced audited accounts for at least five years”.

This isn’t true, as can easily be checked by going to the independent website

Why do Brexiteers continue to repeat these myths? I fear that P Blackshaw and others believe Brexit propaganda without checking the facts for themselves.

People were misled by Gove, Johnson and others into thinking that leaving the EU and making alternative trading agreements would be straightforward. Experts who said otherwise were derided.

It is not surprising that, as the reality emerges, many people who voted Leave are angry.

But if you are angry, please take it out on the people who conned you, and not on those whose advice you chose to ignore.

Find a good use for building

Judy Goodwin, Altofts

In my next life I am going to be a politician. Succeed and you’re praised, fail and you are promoted.

John Prescott decided to close 46 fire control centres and build new ones covering vast areas. In 2010 the then coalition government decided to mothball the scheme as it was so over budget they cut their losses , so we are left with large empty buildings we spend millions to contractually lease for many years. I am sure the building in Wakefield could be found a use for - homeless, library, community centre - the list is endless, all it needs is joined up thinking. As for John Prescott, elevated to the Lords, I am sure he loses no sleep when he is signing in to collect his £300 per day tax free allowance.

Throwing our best cards away

Kamran Hussain, Yorkshire and Humber Liberal Democrats Brexit Spokesperson

David Davis has ruled out membership of the EEA during a transitional deal, whilst admitting the government may need to take “formal steps” to leave the agreement.

This comes as the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned that the “UK cannot have the benefits of Norway and the weak constraints of Canada.”

David Davis is needlessly ruling out an option that could prevent a catastrophic Brexit and protect British jobs. This isn’t keeping cards close to your chest, it’s throwing our best cards away.

The EU has made it clear that a ‘cake and eat it’ approach for the UK won’t be possible, which is why staying in the EEA and customs union remains the best and easiest option.

The decision to leave the EEA must be subject to a parliamentary vote, so MPs have the opportunity to protect jobs and prosperity by keeping Britain in the single market.

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