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Refugees in Italy.
Refugees in Italy.
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We need to leave the EU

Terry Watson, Adel

Why should Europe be saddled with the responsibility of taking Syrian refugees?

It is not just a European problem and should be a world problem. What is the UN doing about it? Very little as with every crisis.

The Arab countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, the richest countries in the world flatly refuse to take any. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 tents all with air conditioning, kitchens and washing facilities all stood empty, for they are only used five days a year for the annual pilgrimage and could accommodate nearly all the refugees.

They are also prepared to build 200 mosques in Germany for the 500,000 migrants a year expected to pour into Germany, could there be an ulterior motive there? Merkel has welcomed the immigrants saying they need them, they also have a huge country to cope with them, but she has no right to force other EU countries to do the same.

The Brussels officials should admit that the open borders policy has been a disaster and cancel it. Like so many decisions they have made, no thought was given to the consequences, the disastrous single currency being a good example. We need to leave the EU, there are no benefits for us no matter how many “porkies” call me Dave tells us.