YEP Letters: Parking tickets

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Wrongly issued parking tickets

R Winter, Leeds 25

With reference to your story concerning motorists not being able to claim for refunds for parking fines.

The police wrongly issue tickets fining motorists..then, because the recipient didn’t contest the matter in court the police decide they have “effectively accepted having committed the offence”.

What a terrible mealy mouthed legalese response to an anomaly and issue they created. This doesn’t take any account of the fact that contesting the matter could result in the fine being doubled as well as the costs involved in attending court including time off work etc. Therefore, maybe because it is too much hassle to fight is why they are not contested, not that they are accepted.

And before people comment that does it matter if the PCSO wasn’t actually authorised if the offence had been committed.. consider this, if they weren’t authorised were they suitably trained?

I received a parking ticket in 2008 for parking on a street in Headingley for a Rhinos match at the rugby ground.

I have parked in the same place there for over 30 years before and the six years since the ticket. For some reason, that particular day, the PCSO gave me a ticket.

I paid, it was too much hassle to contest.

Also, what an awful system we now have for all motoring offences in that a person has to appear in court to challenge any motoring offence.

Once upon a time you could respond to the Chief Constable with any mitigating circumstances eg one of the many ‘misleading’ road signs throughout Leeds that can lead to some of the charges raised.