YEP Letters: October 9

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Creative thinking to solve traffic problems

G Fleming, Horsforth

I noted with interest the options for road links to Leeds Bradford airport that were published recently and the trite justification of them - the usual mantra of ‘economic growth’, ‘more jobs’, ‘greater investment’ - trotted out by R Lewis of Leeds City Council.

No mention of negative impact these roads would have. Then on October 3 he seems concerned about alleviating noise and pollution along nearby residential roads. The building of more roads doesn’t lead to a reduction in this blight on modern day life, but merely shuffles it around and in fact encourages greater use of the car as opposed to public transport.

Ribbon development follows along the route with further erosion of valuable green space. Residents will tell you that it is a bottleneck further down the A65 that leads to any congestion, not vehicles attempting to reach the airport.

Personally, if people wish to fly to European holiday destinations (the majority of flights) from LBA then a slightly slower journey to the airport is a small price to pay against yet more concreting of a swath of natural greenery.

R Lewis seems to prefer political points scoring rather than keep an open mind about a rail link. This is a planning department prepared to spend millions on one cycle route and even more on a one route tram system.

Some creative thinking and the will to carry it through is required to solve the city’s traffic problems but at the moment I’m not filled with a great deal of confidence.


Bus delays to airport

B Farrer, Rawdon

With regard to the proposed link road from the A65 to Leeds and Bradford airport. Have any of the Leeds City Councillors ridden on the bus from Leeds to the airport?

The main delays are from the middle of Leeds to the Horsforth roundabout and not much can be done about that section. At the roundabout at Horsforth at the moment there is a big hold up but hopefully when all the work has been finished traffic should flow better.

From the roundabout there is almost a clear run through to the airport. Since the sequence of lights have been changed at Rawdon crossroads there doesn’t appear to be any long queues of traffic waiting to turn onto the A658.

Traffic does build up at the Bayton Lane crossroads. But surely a change to the sequence of the traffic lights there allowing a lot more time for the A658 route and reducing the pedestrian crossing time (which is overly long) could be implemented.

This now before the drastic step of carving through green belt land, costing millions, is taken.

Bearing in mind that most people flying have to be at the airport at least two hours before the flight, what does a delay of five to ten minutes amount to?

Sculpture park is superb

Margaret Garbutt, Wetherby

Re the letter ‘Beware of park charging policy’ (YEP October 5). I couldn’t believe this letter. Wakefield Sculpture Park is magnificent. Five hundred acres of beautiful scenery, poppies overflowing into the late, many vantage points and helpful people answering questions - superb.

There are sculptures of course and the trees are awesome, must have been there for years. There’s a very good cafe with good food and seating outside overlooking the park and there are no entrance fees, only car parking charges.

I can’t understand the complaint, what more could you wish for? We are lucky in Yorkshire.

Remembering ‘cuckoo steps’

Ernest Lundy, by email

A former resident of south Leeds mentioned on Facebook the other days she didn’t think any still in existence remembered the landmark, ‘cuckoo steps’ over the old railway line which is now part of the M621 in Hunslet.

Cuckoo steps? They were a great part of the life of Hunslet boys and girls over past generations. At least they were for us in the 30s and early 40s. A great place to launch paper aeroplanes from, jump into the smoke and steam as engines passed below or view Parkside rugby ground from a distance. A place to meet up with dates made elsewhere. I remember arranging to meet a girl there once but to my shame got cold feet and failed to arrive.

It was also on the route to Farmer Ward’s fields, the Old Village or Middleton Woods. Regular haunts for acting out what we had seen at the local cinemas. Flash Gordon, Tarzan, Cowboys and Indians being the main themes.

There was a kind of magic experienced on the platform between the steps, and a sense of excitement as if being in a forbidden place. Like scrumping or chasing rabbits in the garden of the big house on Old Run Road! I for one certainly do remember the cuckoo steps. As will those still surviving who, back in the old days, couldn’t afford the price of entering Hunslet stadium to watch their heroes.

PM ‘out of touch with reality’

Jack Banner, Meanwood

We have just watched a programme regarding a food bank in Dundee.

The growing number of people, young and old requesting food parcels was quite shocking. Cameron does not have the first idea how the poor struggle to survive.

He represents the worst of our ‘us and them’ society and mentality. How on earth can a Prime Minister be so out of touch with reality?

The problem we have as a nation is the quality of the opposition.

Getting to core of problem

Martin J Phillips, Cookridge

I’ve been struggling to purchase an apple corer; nowhere I tried seemed to stock them.

In one shop I was told this was due to health and safety: apparently, an apple corer is a dangerous weapon! I thought he was winding me up until I learned that a friend was asked for proof of age (he’s 75) when he purchased an apple corer and a potato peeler.

I’ve been trying to envisage a scenario where thieves armed with a potato peeler and an apple corer hold up a security van.