YEP Letters: October 9

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The murder of Alan Henning by the IS fanatics should be the spur to make politicians realise that sending in air strikes to identify and select strategic individual targets is at best a piecemeal attempt at trying to stop these homicidal maniacs.

They are recruiting more radicalised followers from countries outside of the Middle East region faster than pussy foot pinpoint attacks from the air can kill them.

If I were young enough I would have no hesitation in volunteering to engage this evil, but only on the basis that I took no prisoners.

The underlings of the politically polite and correct die in droves while their masters debate and pontificate using forceful terminology in as polite a way as they deem is acceptable, so as to appear to be aloof from the realities of war. Queensbury rules and all that, old boy.

But the fact is the situation that has emerged as a result of trying to bring about regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan was predicted at the time of the Iraq War.

There were warnings that a terrorist situation at least a million times more severe than that of the IRA would be created by the action of removing Saddam Hussein.

Get boots on the ground and be as brutal as they are and do to them as they would do unto us. It is the only way to rid the world of this evil.

Derek Barker, Moortown

Labour granted Scots devolution

ROY PEARSON (YEP, October 2) resents even more devolution for Scotland, because it would end the rank unfairness of Scots MPs able to vote on all English affairs that don’t concern them.

But really it’s all about denying the 40 Scots Labour MPs the chance to secure a majority Labour government in England. Can we remind Mr Pearson that it was his own beloved Labour who granted devolution in the first place, and not the wicked Tories, to secure Labour’s Scottish ‘fiefdoms’ indefinitely, but which is now set to explode in their face when Scots MPs are booted out of Westminster?

However, what a great two weeks for the Tories, with clear ‘blue water’ between them and out of touch Labour.

Now, after Labour’s rag-bag conference, and worst of all the leader’s cringing, rambling speech, even some Labour stalwarts are saying Miliband is not fit to be PM. Labour now retreats back to its old comfort zone of class warfare name-calling and scaremongering about the NHS, claiming ‘hands off, it’s ours’ when it is not and never was.

Out of touch Labour is claiming that the proposal to ditch the hated Human Rights Act – another Labour failure – will rank Britain with the likes of brutal Belarus. This is abject utter nonsense.

A Miliband government would bankrupt the UK within one Parliament, don’t let them in by the back door.

Brian Johnston, Burmantofts

Tailgaters won’t speed up drivers

WITH REFERENCE to drivers tailgating vehicles travelling at the speed limit, I wonder if the increasingly number of arrogant impatient drivers are aware that not only the national speed limit applies, but various vehicles have their own lower limits?

Not only that, but if caught, drivers breaking the limit will be fined and have three penalty points on their licence.

However, they may be offered a course on safer driving and if completed, the points and fine will not be activated.

Such drivers, if caught again within three years, will automatically get the penalties already imposed.

So such drivers are always watching and complying with all speed limits and will not speed up just because of the dangerous tailgater behind.

lt could result in the legal driver slowing down.

To all tailgaters – you should be travelling two seconds behind the vehicle in front.

This is a rough guide for those who do not know stopping distances and needs to be increased for different weather conditions such as snow or heavy rain.

V Walker, Knaresborough

Can’t afford it? Don’t buy it!

I see that Wonga and several other money lenders are going to be forced to pay back money lent to unsuitable clients who are having difficulty paying the loan back, or at least wipe out outstanding debts.

That is very good news and I now hope that this type of unsuitable customer will no longer be targeted.

However, there are two sides to every story and these days it is far too easy for people to go into debt and get it written off if they fail to pay.

Yes it may well affect their short term credit rating but they will often have thousands of pounds they have spent and enjoyed cancelled.

What this means is many small businesses fail to get money owed for services or products provided with some going out of business.

It looks like those who are spendthrifts or incompetent when it comes to dealing with money do so on the back of those who can live within their means, as the costs of all these written off debts are passed on to decent customers in the form of higher prices.

We are now coming up to Christmas and come next year we will see people complaining about their debts over the season.

This is clearly their own fault and not the lenders and they have no sympathy from me, I’ll stick to saying if you cannot afford it then don’t buy it.

Ivan Kovacks, Leeds

Our council isn’t short of money

WELL DONE, Mr Ahmed (YEP, October 3) who was the only dissenting voice in the cheer fest for Leeds and Partners, the body entrusted with creating jobs for the region. What jobs? Where and how many? What kind and how secure?

The only one I am aware of was that held by Miss Lurene “Monte Carlo or Bust” Joseph of the £160,000 per annum salary plus expenses fame which thankfully has now run its course.

I wonder, was it a case of leaving when the job’s done, or getting out before it isn’t?

What is abundantly clear is that our council may be short of ideas, but it isn’t short of money.

Let us hear no more of cuts, shortages, redundancies, closures and similar laments.

If we’ve enough to treat a London lady with high life tastes, we have enough for 10 part-time care workers.

Paul Kilroy, Lawnswood

Bring back Paxman

Watching Evan Davis on Newsnight and listening to his left-wing views on Radio 4’s Today programme sadly confirms that the BBC has lost its way.

Mr Davis would be better suited to hosting Strictly Come Dancing or, with his vein of questioning, should switch channels to appear on Loose Women. The biased drivel Newsnight puts out each night is a disgrace.

No wonder they’ve lost so many viewers. Bring back Jeremy Paxman.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-In-Elmet

UK Ebola policy is no surprise

So the Government has, in its infinite wisdom, decided that the screening of incoming passengers from Ebola affected West Africa is not necessary.

Why am I not surprised by this decision when a ‘wave through’ is just about the limit of action that the UK Border Agency seem capable of performing?

Graham Waite, Leeds

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