YEP letters: October 8

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Leeds Bradford Airport, Wakefield’s Clayton Hosptial, cyclists who don’t know the highway code and Boris Johnson are among the topics for letters in today’s Yorkshire Evening Post.

Scrap the HS2 project

Chris Barton, Ossett, Wakefield.

I WOULD like to throw my two penn’orth into this scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money and say we should scrap the HS2 project.

l wonder how many people know that HS2 Limited has been operating since 2009, that is more than seven years taxpayers have been paying fat salaries to directors for their part time working. I notice that for the year 2015/16 the chief executive office was paid £750k - what for and why?

There are 10 more directors on its board and what’s more, after seven years, the final route to Leeds has still not yet been agreed. The money allocated for this project should be spent on the NHS.

Airport is simply too small for purpose

Charles Jones, Huddersfield.

AS a frequent flyer and a Yorkshireman, some years ago I gave up using Leeds Bradford Airport owing to cramped conditions and unhelpful staff. Last week I gave it another try.

In the last five to six years, the airport has become astonishingly, even dangerously, congested in front of the entrance with multi curved lanes of taxis, buses and pedestrians. Inside the airport the security section is reminiscent of an overcrowded zoo.

Have the staff improved in the last few years? Absolutely not.

Many years ago I might have described LBA as ‘third world’. Not today. I travel to many third world airports and any one of them would be ashamed to admit to the conditions of Yorkshire’s LBA. The underlying problem is clearly one of space.

It seems there are three possible solutions:

1. Continue as is and remain a laughing stock of an airport.

2. Rent some bulldozers and clear away 1,000 homes around the airport and build a decent place.

3. Move the whole caboodle out to Church Fenton, adjacent to the A1M and install a rail track at the same time.

Why did Leeds City Council sell the airport and sink it into this mess?

Hospital should be preserved

Joanne Taylor, Chaloner Grove, Wakefield

I was relieved to see that the Victorian Society has included Wakefield’s Clayton Hospital to its top ten endangered buildings list.

The old hospital’s current owner – the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) - wants to demolish it. The Victorian Society points out that QEGS’ planning application fails to comply with national legislation and policy on the protection and enhancement of the historic built environment.

This is an important matter. Wakefield has a long history but the Victorian period may ultimately prove to be the high point of the city’s influence. It was during the 19th century that Wakefield was a significant regional centre for religion (the cathedral), law (the crown court) and civic matters (headquarters of the West Riding county council).

Wakefield has lost so much in the past thirty years – the closure of the county council, our courts, now even our post office.

Change in itself doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is throwing away our honourable past and a treasured public building for some modern, rinky-dink building to be used for only 190 days a year by a few hundred youngsters, many of whom come from outside Wakefield.

If QEGS does not want to use the hospital they should not have bought it. Since they have bought they should preserve it. If they don’t wish to do preserve it, they should sell it to someone who will do so.

They could get off their bikes

Ivan Kovacks,Kovacks

I RECALL reading the comments of some pedestrians in the Armley area, talking about the abuse they had from several cyclists who were in the new cycle lanes.

I wish to tell you on in incident that happened to me earlier this week.

I was walking, in Armley, along Stanninley Road, towards Bradford between the KFC shop and the old fire station when I wanted to cross over the road.

I stopped on the pavement, and looked towards Leeds, the direction the traffic was coming from and seeing it was clear started to cross the road.

On stepping from the pavement to the cycle lane I was nearly mown down by a cyclist coming in the wrong direction.

As well as hurling abuse in my direction, he also shouted “cycle lane” at the top of his voice.

There is little that can be said in mitigation for this person.

If he could not see the two metre white arrow pointing in the opposite direction that he had just ridden over, he should not be on a bike.

Or, if he did see and understand it, then that shows criminal intent, lack of social responsibility, reckless behaviour and disregard for others safety.

If, as several cyclists have said to me, they feel unsafe using the road then that is how pedestrians feel around cyclists on pavements.

If they are not confident to go on a road and cycle within the law they should WALK!

Give us a Break from Brexit!

From: Tim Bradshaw, Slaithwaite.

Could we please stop printing letters from both Brexit and Remainer supporters until we have actually signed the agreement to leave?

There are surely more interesting topics to discuss so let us all take a deep breath and find something else to talk about.

Another nail in the coffin

Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield

LET’S hope Boris Johnson is using reverse psychology in wanting Turkey to join the EU.

With us out and them in, it will be another nail in the coffin.

We don’t need a lavish send-off

A Hague, Bellbrook Grove, Harehills

I agree with the letter of Mr T Crawford that we don’t have to have expensive funerals.

I have seen in films where the dead are floated out on the sea, burning.

Giving our respect for lost ones does not mean giving funeral companies hefty profits. Councils should provide simple collect and cremate places for people who cannot afford present day charges.

Nominate your autism heroes

Carol Povey, Director of the National Autistic Society’s Centre for Autism

The National Autistic Society is looking for local people and organisations making a difference to the lives of autistic people and their families.

We want to share their stories so we can increase public understanding of autism and inspire others to improve their own practice.

It could be a teaching assistant, a helper or a voluntary group or organisation

If any readers know of an inspirational individual or organisation, please nominate them for the Autism Professionals Awards 2017 at

Shale shame of politicians

Alan Thompson, Bramhope, Leeds

It was appalling no one from Scotland’s SNP government attended the shale gas delivery ceremony, despite the near closure of the Ineos plant a few years ago and Alex Salmond MP crowing his involvement saved the day and 10,000-plus Jobs.

Fracking is supported by 67 per cent of Scots. It will secure cheap energy for decades and create thousands of jobs -but it’s still the subject of a moratorium in Scotland.

Despite having a workforce available from the demise of the North Sea oil Industry,the ultra-Left wing zealots of the SNP, Green,Liberal and Labour parties can’t make a common sense decision.