YEP Letters: October 6

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How can anyone believe that First Bus could provide a valid alternative to the trolleybus system when they cannot even manage to run normal bus services?

On Sunday I went to catch a No.6 bus on Tinshill Lane en route to church in Burley. It did not run. Consequently I missed the 50A bus connection.

I had to hobble half-a-mile on crutches to Horsforth train station and then a further half-a-mile from Burley Park Station to the church.

On Monday morning the No.6 bus I wanted to get to the doctors did not come so I had to hobble half-a-mile to the surgery to keep my appointment.

I saw the bus from a disatnce running 10 minutes late in convoy with the next bus.

On Wednesday lunchtime I waited 30 minutes on Albion Street for a No.6 bus then three came at once!

I have to be thankful I don’t have to depend on the No.97 service as that is even worse!

First Bus couldn’t run a bath let alone a bus service.

Martin Phillips, Cookridge

Trouble in store for Government

Why is the Government taking all the credit for the reduction in inflation?

It has nothing to do with them. The full credit goes to the supermarkets, particularly the Big Four.

Intense competition between them is forcing prices down, thus saving people money.

There is a price war and this benefits the less well-off.

We have seen this already with the cost of petrol and diesel - forcing large operators to reduce their prices.

What a great pity it is that the supermarkets have not entered the energy sector of gas and electricity. That would really cause a stir.

Of course, there are losers.

Shareholders are seeing less and less dividends but then, only the rich can afford shares so no loss there then.

This inept coalition Government is about as effective as an ashtray on a motorbike and the sooner it is got rid of the better.

Britain has stood still for the past four years.

Roll onMay 2015. I think there may be changes.

Mel Smart, Farsley

Skint Scots if vote was ‘Yes’

Anyone but England is the mantra close to the heart of most Scots.

If England were to play Uzbekistan at tiddlywinks,the majority of Scots would support Uzbekistan.

So when will Scots such as Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon stop cranking up the nationalistic nonsense which, oddly, is dropped when the English cough up the subsidies?

Sean Connery is another who harps on about Scotland but lives elsewhere and didn’t protest when he was making his money in England.

If Salmond had won the referendum, Scotland would have turned out to be the skint Socialist State of Salmongrad and would have lasted a lifetime.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Millions of poor people in work

An increase to the national minimum wage, which came into effect last week, is certainly a welcome boost for low income workers who are struggling to make ends meet.

With almost three-fifths of low income working households telling us that their financial situation has worsened in the last year, and two in five reporting that their outgoings now outweigh their earnings, this above-inflation rise is a positive step towards easing the immense pressure on household budgets.

However, with over half of the 13 million people in poverty now living in a working household, it is clear that more needs to be done to tackle this issue.

With difficult financial times ahead, we want to make sure that anyone struggling on a low income is aware of all the support available to them.

Our free website – – can help people check their eligibility for welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help.

Our Benefits Calculator also includes a ‘better-off’ function to show users how a change in employment hours or wages, or unemployment could affect their benefits entitlements and overall household income.

With the real impact of wage increases and other economic improvements unlikely to be widely felt for some time, we hope more people in need can access financial support that could make all the difference today.

Alison Taylor, Turn2us, London

Social housing for golf courses

SOME must wonder if the role of Leeds City Council should include the provision and operation of golf courses at all, when only a very small minority of citizens use these, in comparison to swimming baths or other sports facilities.

After all, these days there are quite a few others available, one formerly very exclusive club on the west side of Leeds is openly advertising monthly membership rates of various categories from full, to midweek only etc – presumably prompted by the opening of yet another course less than a mile away where anyone can play any time at low cost.

Also, the large amount of land that any golf course occupies could be put to better purpose for badly needed social housing, or even be sold to raise revenues for other more vital services.

No use quoting the usual mantra of Government ‘cuts’ either, as what has happened is local authorities were made to live within the council taxpayers’ means by freezing it for three years then imposing an arbitrary two per cent maximum increase without a referendum, which has kept the cost of living down for those in work or retired who actually pay their own tax rather than getting benefits.

D Boyes, Bramley

Nothing is done about dog mess

The other morning I walked from Lea Farm Drive to Broadway in LS5 and there is dog mess everywhere.

I am not exaggerating. There are seven dollops of the stuff outside one house alone.

The other day I passed three couples with young children complaining about it.

A local councillor, Fiona Venner, promised in a leaflet during the last local elections that something would be done (especially as she lives locally).

To date there is no evidence of increased signs and bins for disposal.

I know I, and others, have complained before but it really is going beyond what is remotely acceptable.

The other day I saw a small girl pick up a small Brooke Bond type card, only to be told immediately by her father to drop it because of the dog mess right by it.

Add to this constant dog barking during the night around Lea Farm Row, Hawkswood Terrace and other side roads off Vesper Road and Lea Farm Drive and it really is a bane.

What is wrong with these people?

The grass roundabout on Lea Farm Drive is not a dog’s toilet, for goodness sake. Grow up.

In my early life on a similar estate in the 60s, dog owners at the very least got their dogs to “do it” in the gutter or, more socially, in their own gardens and then cleaned it up.

Terry Maunder, Kirkstall

Not just weight lost by George

George Osborne has announced what he must believe are vote-grabbing policies of freezing nurses’ pay and slashing the child benefit – and other benefits – of 10 million families.

I know he’s been on a diet, but I didn’t know that dieting could shrink the brain.

Anyone would think he wanted to lose the next General Election.

Derek Barker, Moortown

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