YEP Letters: October 5

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Mel Haigh, by email

I WONDER what people would describe as extreme socialism. Possibly communism, that’s all I can think of, particularly with the inference that history has shown us it doesn’t work. (collapse of Soviet Russia?)

To my mind it’s unfair to bracket the two together though, after all, even capitalist governments borrow socialist principles, socialism is more an economic system than a political one, with an emphasis on profit being distributed fairly among society or its workforce, so if anyone can tell me what’s wrong with that I’m listening.

So much fuss gets made whenever anyone mentions fairness for all, or more accurately, more equality, it leaves you wondering what is it those mentioning it are actually fearful of losing, should the people who open your shops, clean your streets, clean your lavatories, serve you food, drive your buses, deliver your groceries, answer your queries, in short, most of the people who actually keep the country running be treated less fairly than MR X with a Jag in his drive who holidays in exotic places twice a year?

Of course they shouldn’t, but nine times out of 10 they are, if socialism doesn’t appear to work to some then it’s about time they tried to make it work, after all, when those running our capitalist society fail (banking crisis anyone?) they still get to pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves with huge bonuses, while running, cap in hand, to those lavatory cleaners etc asking them to bail them out of the mess they made.

Give me socialism over capitalism any day of the week.

A thank you to Coopers cafe

Chris Jenkinson, by email

I SET off this morning to do four appointments in the North East of Leeds; I sell advertising for a local magazine and in some areas find the going quite hard. However, I am always full of optimism and always keep a positive outlook.

My first appointment didn’t turn up so I went to my second appointment and he had no money. A great start I thought, but nothing unusual so I rang my third and fourth appointments to bring them forward.

After these calls I realised that today wasn’t going to be my day. The third appointment had just been called out, so wasn’t available today and my last appointment only wanted a short term advert which I

couldn’t do so, bingo, my day came to an abrupt end at 10.30am. What can I do now I thought? I was in the heart of Harehills on Compton Road and just at this point, luckily, life started to get better.

I I had only had one slice of toast for breakfast so I decided to call into the local café and get a cup of tea, whilst in there I noticed a sign for breakfasts, and then I noticed that I could get sausage, egg, beans, tomatoes, bacon toast and tea for £2.60. I did a double take, was my luck beginning to change at last?

I thought go on give it a go, treat yourself and so I did, and what a revelation that was. It was absolutely fantastic, afterwards I felt absolutely great and ready to tackle anything that the world could throw at me.

What an oasis and lifesaver and after all that hurt and pain came good, if you get my meaning. I paid for my breakfast and before I left the proprietor showed me a letter, which a customer had written. It seemed so fitting that I decided to include some of it here.

These businesses are the hub of our communities and we should all show our gratitude to the people who work tirelessly for so little in order to help make our lives more wholesome and enriched. Good for you Coopers, and the letter goes like this:

“Just to say thank you for your kind service. The job you all do, although it is your business and livelihood is an essential lifeline for some of your customers.

“The quality meals you produce everyday at affordable prices and always with a smile and a little chat is to the many OAPs so important.

“I view your business as an integral part of the local community and the service you provide borders on social care. Long may it continue and I tip my hat to you all.”

Having just spent 10 minutes typing this and letting my wonderful breakfast digest my day at about 12 o’clock is almost complete so thank you again Coopers of Harehills.

The role of the Royal family

T Maunder, Kirkstall

I HAVE never, and will never, supported the existence of The Royal Family. I found the behaviour of the country after the death of Princess Diana puzzling and the behaviour of Blair capitalising on it absolutely disgusting but typical.

I agree to some extent with the comments made today by Anthony Craven that Princes Harry and William can find themselves in a double bind, serving their country but at the same time possibly depriving someone else of a job?

However, the comments made by Princess Michael of Kent this week about animals not having rights because they don’t pay taxes is beyond belief.It has certainly annoyed some animal charities.

According to one source I have checked she has an income of £236,000 annually. I have tried to find out if she herself pays tax on this income but the whole thing is shrouded in mystery.

The Queen volunteered to pay tax in 1992 but I cannot find any such information about PMoK.

I really do wonder what planet some of them are on. These days old films shown on telly from the 40’s/50’s and 60’s that contain certain no longer acceptable terms are presaged with a comment by the presenter that it contains language “some may find offensive”.

My dad had a phrase for Prince Philip that would come into that category: to put it politely he referred to him as an unemployed person from Greece. Always makes me smile as I see him sitting in his armchair going red with indignation whenever the Prince appeared on telly.

New airport link is ‘preferable’

S Norfolk, by email

Having read about the three options in the YEP (September 20), I think a rail link from Horsforth station to the airport would be preferable - possibly using the route of the proposed new link road (Option A).

There is too much traffic on the A65 and surrounding areas, and the journey from Leeds, though Horsforth, would be much quicker and cause less disruption.

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