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Vaping dangers to bystanders

Dr Michael Lowry, by email

There is increasing testimony regarding dangers and side effects to bystanders caused by E-cigarettes or vaping.

Those side effects such as headaches, dizziness and nausea are increasingly evident, and suggest a change in the overall pattern of undesirable health impacts for future. Smokers have always pleaded their rights to free choice, but once again it is those who don’t want to be exposed to the second hand effects of such free choices who are affected.

It is time that the government introduced a ban on this disgusting practice in public enclosed spaces.

£28k cost of locking up each inmate in prison

IT cost the taxpayer more than £28k to lock up each inmate at HMP Leeds at Armley for the past 12 months according to figures in a new Ministry of Justice national report. The annual cost of housing each prisoner at HMP Leeds for 2016/17 is up by more than seven per cent from the 2015/16 annual cost of more than £26k according to the report. The report also reveals the scale of overcrowding at HMP Leeds. It states that the prison service’s ‘certified normal accommodation’ at HMP Leeds is 669 prisoners but the jail currently houses an average of 1150 prisoners. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Adam Green

I’m sure there’s plenty of countries that would gladly give our prisoners a home for less than half that cost.

Chris Parfitt

Costs more to house a criminal than I used to earn in a year... no wonder they can live a life of luxury inside with the amount spent on them.

Joan Ludbrook

They should all do a job for money in prison. That should part pay for them being in there.and that money would not be for them.

Pepper Ferne

If welfare reform was brought up to match realistic prices of living, the crime would at least half. There are a lot of people in jail that shouldn’t be, due to poverty.

Gemma Louise Thirlwall

Something doesn’t add up there. It doesn’t cost half that for a person to live independently on the outside. A ploy to justify not locking people up in the future?

Linda Duffield

Pay everyone that money on the out, crime would definitely be cut! But prison is a business and one of the biggest.

Goody Byebyes

While crime and criminals wreak havoc for the victims involved, and some don’t care who they hurt, most of these prisoners have potential to excel and exceed in life, for whatever reason they commit awful crimes, some want a quick buck, or think they look like ‘top dawg’ in there crew innit, but in the end they have more to offer society but usually, it’s when they are older and realise all the opportunities they have wasted have ruined their lives.

They shouldn’t get preferential treatment just to ‘rehabilitate’ them but on merit, they should get the same opportunities because in the end, not everybody grows up with a silver spoon or has the same guidance as others. In general, the parents are liable in my opinion.

A lesson in kindness and compassion

Mrs E Smith, Leeds 16

With so much violence, hatred and unhappiness in the world I was privileged to witness the kindness of a small seven-year-old boy. In the city centre a homeless young man was sitting in a doorway and asking passers by for change.

Without saying a word to either his mother or grandmother who were with him, this kind and compassionate little boy bent down next to the young man, opened up the purse containing what was left of his pocket money and tipped it into the young man’s plastic pot.

What lessons the leaders and politicians could learn from one small boy who has been through some very difficult times himself. I am this little boy’s grandma and I am so proud of him for showing such compassion and kindness.

Chance to join a friendly society

Colin Woodward, Leeds 12

The continuing articles in the YEP about loneliness featuring Rachel Reeves MP emphasise the need for us all to invest in human interactions.

Joining religious or sports organisations was mentioned, but not everyone has those inclinations. A society that has been accepting members from all walks of life and with varied interests, whose motto of Making Friends, Helping People has been relevant for over 200 years, is the Oddfellows Friendly Society.

Meetings take place in various parts of the city, including two in Rachel’s constituency, throughout Yorkshire, and nationwide.

Sociable events involve a lot of chat and usually the chance to share some food, and members are encouraged to take an active part in the business, locally, regionally and nationally. There are many examples where a member’s latent talent has been allowed to blossom. Find out more at 0800 028 1810 or www.oddfellows.co.uk

Pen pal project

Edna Levi, Leeds

I was very interested to read your article (YEP October 24) regarding the cultral pen-pal project.

Having had this as a hobby most of my life, I registered and hope to be “joined” with a new friend very soon.

I have stipulated I want a correspondent from overseas and I especially like the plan that all letters have to be handwritten, not typed, thereby making them more friendly and personal.

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