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handout photo issued by Humberside Police of officers photographed riding on fairground dodgems at Hull Fair. Picture: @Humberbeat/PA Wire.
handout photo issued by Humberside Police of officers photographed riding on fairground dodgems at Hull Fair. Picture: @Humberbeat/PA Wire.
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Police officers showed human side

Shaun Kavanagh, by email

the Deputy Chief Constable, Andy McDyer, defending his officers for engaging in a light hearted approach to policing at the recent Hull Fair by having fun riding on the dodgems with the public is commendable.

Officers are criticised all too often but when the opportunity presents itself to enable officers to bond with those they serve i.e. the public, then they should be encouraged and not reprimanded as some would perhaps wish. After all, police officers are human beings with a special job to do in society and it’s definitely not an easy job, so let the public witness the other approach to policing, as it’s not always about arresting people.

Officers acting in a way which makes people laugh out of enjoyment has to be good. Many who witnessed the dodgems ride will laugh and talk about it for the right reasons and hopefully appreciate the human side of officers in future.

Myths over free higher education

Ivan Kovacks, by email

I HAVE read in many articles and letters about the era of historical free higher education for all.

This has been mentioned in various subjects from education to the old versus young ‘you had it all for free’ arguments. The talk of free higher education in the past is a myth.

I had three years full time education in the late 70s and used it to gain a great job that saw me working for one employer for over 30 years and yes I did get paid over what would be seen as the national average salary, so I did gain from the education.

What should be remembered that at the time I was learning the educational system was totally different from the way it is organised now. We had universities, polytechnics and a whole range of other colleges.

There were still fees for education and it still cost to shelter and feed and clothe yourself but generally if you were going on a course ending with a degree you had all your fees paid for and got a mandatory grant to cover all other expenses and yes, you did not have to pay it back.

However; if you went to college to study a non degree, often vocational course for the same length of time with similar fees and expenses your local council could give you a discretionary fees or grant award.

This in practical terms this meant that once all the mandatory awards had been given out and surplus could be given to discretionary award applications.

Often there was not enough to go round and so many were left with no choice but to pay their own way through college or drop out.

In my case I was accepted at the two best colleges in the country for my subject, but when I applied for finance from Leeds City Council I was told point blank that because a course in this subject was also offered in Leeds I would
never get funding to go to these two.

Even though I was a mature student and had worked for four years there was no way I could have finance the tuition so I accepted a place at Leeds. Even then I was refused any awards from Leeds and with the support of my parent appealed and argued my case eventually getting my fees paid and a small grant that was only half of what a degree course student would get.

This all goes to show that there was just as much disparity in educational finance and support then as there is now.

Complain to traffic commissioner

Anne Moore, Yeadon

I READ with interest the letter (YEP, October 23) from someone like myself who has been let down by so called bus services from Firstbus.

Like this correspondent, I spoke to their Customer Service and also to Metro. Having wasted so many hours of my life waiting for a timetabled bus to Guiseley White Cross via Westfield, only to find it is consistently taken off the schedule, I was advised by a Metro representative to complain to the Traffic Commissioner at Harehills.

This is the body which issues licenses to bus companies.They were most helpful and suggested this was a matter of non-compliance of service delivery and would contact Firstbus to investigate.

So can I suggest that all and everyone who is fed up of wasting time and missing appointments, and much more just contact the Traffic Commissioner? The number is 0300 123 9000 and select Option 7 to speak to Intelligence. Or write to them at Hillcrest House, 386 Harehills Lane, LS9 6NF. Maybe if enough people raise the issue, something will be done to improve the appalling service on some routes.

Confused over parking permits

Lawrence Bland, Leeds

With reference to residents’ parking permits near Elland Road on matchdays, I cannot help but be confused when it stated on the front page of Friday’s edition of the YEP that ‘the council has scrapped a long-planned-residents-only parking scheme.” during home matches at Elland Road.

As a long time resident living in a cul-de-sac 200 metres from the football ground I have a parking permit allowing me to park in my street without fear of any financial penalties being imposed, although I have had a total of three “tickets” stuck on my car in the past (two of which were stuck on my windscreen no more than six inches from my parking permit!)

What is causing my confusion is, would I be correct in assuming that the council are going to withdraw this service as part of the “team effort” (Friday’s YEP headline)in conjunction with Leeds United, “to end famillies matchday parking woes)....if that is the case let me tell them it will not!

What would help is to keep the residents’ only parking in place and persuade the Civilian Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens in the olden days) to get out of their white vans, in particular during the cold and wet winter months (now) and ticket any vehicle that is not complying with the signs stating permit holders only.

Stop these crazy bikers

Ian Tomlinson, Garforth

CAN anybody tell me when the police are going to do something about the kamikaze, banshee, wheelie-pulling lunatic bikers on the A64 at Garforth? The racket is intolerable, especially on Wednesday evenings and at weekends.

Until something is done about it, they will continue to flout the law in terms of noise, speed and recklessness. Where is the deterrent? Help! The police station is just on Lidgett Lane, a stone’s throw away from the lights. Is it too much to ask for a bobby to see the predicament for themselves?

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