YEP Letters: October 25

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According to Councillor Lewis (YEP, October 18, 2013), your paper insists that Leeds should not have to wait seven years for the construction of the trolleybus, while an editorial in the same issue says rather that Leeds should not wait ‘seven more years to find out who is right’ in this debate.

I would only argue with your suggestion that ‘there are plenty who believe trolleybus will deliver quicker journey times as well as cutting congestion’ I have not heard many, apart from Councillors, the NGT, and other interested parties?

A Department of Transport consultation showed businesses claiming to be in favour ‘unaware that the scheme will lead to increased delays’, whereas those who had looked at it properly viewed it as entirely negative. Councillor Lewis can thus hardly quote property developers as representative of the business community at large. A recent meeting of the local branch of the Federation of Small Businesses voted unanimously to oppose the scheme.

Councillor Lewis’ suggestion that Lyon might want to expand its trolleybus system, overlooks a political debate.

In the suburb of Villeurbanne, the main opposition party (UMP) candidate for next year’s local elections, wants to replace the trolleybus with a tram, and the UMP candidate for the office of the Mayor of Lyon itself would like to replace the trolleybus running between two railway stations with an underground. In his view the present system is not up to the mark (L’Express, June 26, 2013, pp.5, 8). It is anyway disingenuous to compare Leeds with cities such as Lyon which have truly integrated transport (including an underground) and long-established trolleybus systems.

Christopher Todd, by email

People want jobs, not shares

IN REPLY to Brian Johnston’s letter (18.10.13), there is a name for working three days a week collecting litter etc ... it’s called a job.

Three eight hour days for £70 a week benefit is just under £3 an hour and you are also taking away the work of council workers putting more people on the dole.

So according to Mr Johnston after working your three days you have two days left to look for work. I can tell you its hard enough trying to find a job looking five days a week.

All people are asking for is a job paying a living wage and if not, enough money to live on and £7,170 is not enough.

How long can Mr Johnston blame the last Labour government.

This lot have had three and a half years and what do they do? Sell off the NHS bit by bit and now Royal Mail.

People want jobs not shares.

David Freeman, Moortown

Why UKIP may be best way out

THE SEASON of party conferences is now over for another 12 months. What good news have we been offered as to the future - regrettably very little.

Sure, the economy is slowly recovering how slow - very slowly. The debts incurred by the previous administration have not been repaid and will not be repaid by the time of the next general election, 2017 is the likely year depending which party is in power.

At the moment unemployment is far too high and too many people are having to live on benefits.

Within the next two years austerity will still rule unless you are rich to which the rules do not apply. Far too many people are being too well paid for what they do basically paper shuffling which any person with a modicum of common sense could do.

I have been retired for 28 years and found as I worked my way to the top that the work got easier so that in the end I was working 25 hours per day trying to fill my time. I was head hunted to London three times but did not go as I promised my wife when I got married that I would not work in London.

Thus what can we look forward to. If the Conservatives win the next general election - goodbye to the NHS - It will be privatised. Benefits will be further reduced instead of increasing direct taxation by intrudoucing rates of 50, 60 and 70 per cent. Would those who think that unfair kindly leave the country, we can manage without you.

The Conservatives will never pass any legislation which benefits the majority of the population.

The Labour Party which should look after the ordinary working man cannot do so because the leadership is very poor. The Liberal Dems could do better if given the chance but I have grave doubts they will be given the opportunity. UKIP may be best way out. If elected then goodbye to Europe and its very high cost.

Mr Burbage-Atter, Rothwell

Not holding our heads high

SO ACCORDING to a survey many of our students are not ready for working (13 September).

The ugov poll results also suggest employers are more interested in a students degree course than where they studied. The findings suggest many young people are taking jobs without vital skills like teamwork, the ability to communicate and determination to succeed, plus punctuality. Oh for the days when we could hold our head high and show the world how to get to the top be it industry, education or fighting for our lives, without thinking that the world owes us a living.

A E Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds 9

Hospital staff are not robots

BACK IN hospital once again this year, it surprises me what you can learn from so many conversations. In my YEP there was an article about finding extra beds in our hospitals for the winter, yet I have seen beds blocked because outside agencies cannot decide who will pay for transport or things the patient needs to carry on their treatment to be at home.

In a conversation I learned in order to transfer patients from one hospital to another, the ambulance service must be given 48 hours notice, in this it was to transfer someone from LGI to St James’s a matter of about three miles. Besides all these what I call silly rules, the staff come out on top. Yes they sometimes forget things and this is what the selfish ones complain about, they forget the staff are only human like themselves, not robots.It’s like those who complain about the food, they forget the chefs have to cater for a lot of different people, I don’t complain because I was brought up during the war years and was thankful for what was placed before me.

L E Slack, Lingfield View, Leeds 17

Unemployment blitz overdue

Why do politicians talk of getting the unemployed “back to work”? Many of them have never been to work in the first place.The fact that 200,000 people have been jobless for more than a year is an insult to the hard-working, tax-paying citizens who continue to fund their idle ways.

The blitz is long overdue because the fact is that the government needs to end the welfare state free-for-all that it was under Labour and turn it back into the safety net it was invented for.

Malcolm Nicholson, Barwick-in-Elmet

Human rights law has to go

It is time we got rid of human rights law.

Recently Mr Justice Sweeney could not pass a whole life sentence on a murderer due to the laws in force.

Who is running this country? The 600+ MPs or the European Court of Human Rights.

We must now get rid of the human rights law and let our judges do their jobs and get back to handing down sentences that reflect the crime.

Roger Watkinson, Oak Road, Leeds

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