YEP Letters: October 23

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Rhinos’ bosses deserve the ultimate honour

Les Hall, Woodlesford

A tribute to Gary Hetherington, Paul Caddick, Brian McDermott, the magnificent Rhinos squad, the entire staff and associates of Leeds Rugby.

Winning once is hard, but you know it’s possible.

Winning again is harder, but you know then you’re a winner

Winning again and again is harder still.

But now the world knows you’re a champion.

Leeds were a broken club in 1996, on the verge of bankruptcy. Paul and Gary then took the reins, what happened...I think Walt Disney myst have been invited onto the board, for the journey over the past 19 years has indeed been magical. Not only for the Leeds Rhinos’ fans, but for the Leeds public in general.

I take this opportunity to comment that the culture Gary and Paul have set throughout Leeds Rugby is exemplary. the business model they introduced and polished down the years has become a management and leadership masterclass. The blueprint should be franchised and rolled out to business at seminars nationwide.

Next year will see these two leaders complete 20 years at the helm. I am sure, like me, the many thousands of Leeds fans will want recognition for the two main driving forces at Headingley.

So let’s sound the clarion call and rally Yorkshire dignitaries, politicians, community leaders, the YEP and others of influence to put them forward for the ultimate honour.

Arise Sir Gary and Sir Paul.


It’s all about 
the money

Derek Barker, Moortown

I wonder what the younger generation are making of the trade deal that has been signed between the UK, a capitalist country ruled by the dogma of survival of the craftiest and most devious winner takes all mentality, with The Peoples Republic of China, a communist country ruled by the socialist tenet of all work together for greater common good.

We are told that the trade deal will be good for Britain, but what our all in this together Tory politicians really mean is that the wealthiest tax avoiding few will once again be able add to their already enormous fortunes.

You can bet your life that any savings made on goods or services supplied to this country from China wont be passed on to the general public, this deal will simply serve to boost the already massive profit margins of UK companies. Unlike the words of the song by Jessie J, it really is all about the money, but not money that will benefit the country as whole but money that will only benefit the few, while many tens thousands of people in this country will be on or below the bread line. David Cameron’s human rights record isn’t so hot, the right to work for a pittance, the right to work till you die, the right to sleep in the street and beg food from food banks, no right to refuse a job that you are either physically or mentally incapable of doing without losing your below the poverty line benefit’s. What an irony that a government that represents the interests of the greedy, the feckless, the devious and debauched, has signed a trade deal with a country that has a totally different set of social values.

Investment is politically motivated

Daniel McGann, by email

I think that China’s investment in British nuclear power is politically motivated and doesn’t serve the interests of the British people at all.

It serves the interest of China and the politicians who are more than willing to sell off vital British infrastructure and real estate to foreign investors such as China.

How can it be a good deal for all parties? Someone’s got to make a profit. And that profit will come in the shape of higher energy costs for British consumers.

That doesn’t serve the interests of the British people, considering that energy costs in Britain are already the highest in Europe. And the economy won’t benefit, China’s economy will benefit since they’ll be the largest share holders.

It takes control of the energy industry further away from the British people and places it in the hands of foreign capitalists

Cynical support for tyrants

Christopher Foren, Leeds 16

Mel Smart of Farsley (YEP Letters October 22) is
incorrect to say there has never been a democracy in the Middle East.

In 1951 Dr Mossadegh was democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He was overthrown two years later by an insurrection organised by the USA and Britain.

This was done because he had the temerity to nationalise Iran’s oil reserves.

British governments of all stripes have consistently supported tyrants in the Middle East. We supported Saddam, Assad, the Al-Saud family. We have done nothing to foster constitutional or democratic government in the region.

This is done for cynical economic reasons. Cameron and Osborne are now fawning over the Chinese President, a man who has nothing but contempt for human rights, for exactly the same reasons.

Worries over future of NHS

N Knott, Leeds 13

This government has been in power since 2010 and I ask you, what have they done for the people?

Now I believe they are getting ready to take over the NHS. What better way is there to make cuts that will effect junior doctors.

Many will be disheartened at the hard work they have done to get this far, some may leave England to work overseas where their work will be appreciated.

The Tories have had their eyes on it since it was founded in 1948. Don’t you kid yourself and say it will never happen, the Tories know there is a lot of money if this service is privatised. I believe UKIP are the ones who hold many answers to the state this country is in.

Horror at cuts

John Mayhew, Leeds 13

I’m writing to express my horror that this government is intent on pushing to reduce tax credits, knowing that it will hurt the poor and benefit the rich.

Hard working people who are not on a fair wage will be hit very hard. As a self employed person struggling to make ends meet in this economic climate, I rely heavily on the £50 a week I get to subsidise my low earnings.