YEP Letters: October 22

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City gives us plenty to be thankful for

A Ward, Leeds 8

Who’d want to live in Leeds/West Yorkshire?

Apparently Leeds is one of the worst cities for poor air quality, West Yorkshire has the worst record for deaths of older people in fires and the county’s motorists are the most careless in the country!

If we survive all that at least we can go and cheer on our football team, can’t we - Massimo Cellino permitting.

But wait: Leeds has scooped Silver-Gilt in Britain in Bloom, thanks in part to many volunteers, generous readers of the YEP have donated over a thousand pounds to help a young disabled child, and this area has provided three winners of the Great British Bake 0ff. Leeds also has one of the best parks departments in the country, with the roundabouts always a riot of colour and our parks, especially Roundhay and the Monet Gardens, the jewels in the crown. So all in all, despite the doom and gloom I think we have a lot to be thankful for in this great county, don’t you?


Public money is at stake

Ian Harker, Meanwood

At the trolleybus public enquiry, the promoters admitted under cross-examination that the scheme would actually increase congestion.

No wonder they are acting like it never happened. It’s a bit like someone whose house has been repossessed turning up the telly while the bailiffs break down the door. It would be funny if so much public money (to say nothing of historic Leeds) weren’t at stake.

No sign of a solution

Mel Smart, Farsley

Tony Blair has a lot to answer for regarding the Middle East.

It was he who unlawfully waged war on Iraq based on the lie that they had weapons of mass destruction when it was plain all along that only France and Britain had supplied arms in the previous conflagration to Saddam Hussein. At least Hussein, though a tyrant, kept the area stable. Look at what has happened since. Chaos, not just in Iraq, but everywhere else. Millions of refugees from all over the Middle East are on their way to Europe and no sign of the tide turning and no sign of a political solution. We are going to have this situation not for years but for decades and all because Blair wanted to look good in front of the Americans. There was never going to be democracies in the Middle East. There never has been and there never will be. What a legacy.

Heading back to Victorian age

Alan Thorpe, Whitkirk

I have just read that David Cameron is to launch a major enquiry into whether extremists have infiltrated the public sector.

This smacks of the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950s. The Tories have wasted no time in bringing in union bashing policies since ceasing sole control in May.

It seems that Cameron and Osborne are hell bent on destroying and riding roughshod over the employment rights of working people which were achieved by the sweat, blood and tears of our forebears.

The Tories also want to do away with the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights, which of course will increase employers’ right to the detriment of the working person. They are also reducing the income of hard working families they purport to stand up for by adjusting tax credits.You see where all this is going? If you can’t you are very blinkered indeed.

Sadly, Labour is still getting its act together, only the SNP seem to be filling the gap as a viable opposition.

I am fearful that we are heading towards the Victorian age when working people were treated like dirt, exactly what the Old Etonian elite would dearly love. Don’t let them get away with it!

An interesting exercise

Elisabeth Baker, Leeds 17

It was interesting to see the “Ghost of transport past” item in the Now and Then column in the EP on Monday October 19.

It is always good to see pictures of trams!

However, the two photographs, one from 1959 and one with a current picture superimposed upon the original and supposedly taken from the same spot, do not actually show the same part of Street Lane.

The 1959 photograph is taken from Moortown Corner and the side road to the left is Allerton Avenue. The up-to-date one shows the junction with High Moor Avenue, which is about 300 yards further along Street Lane, towards Roundhay Park.

Never mind, it was an interesting exercise!

Memories of Hunslet Carr

M Eastham, Leeds 16

After reading the letter about the cuckoo steps in Hunslet Carr, it brought back happy memories of that district.

I lived in Telford Place (the old one) then in Royal View. I have a photo of the bowling green with my young son daring to venture on the green with the bowlers in the background. I remember Ernest Lundy as a young man coming to bowl there. Hunslet Carr is never mentioned much now in the newspaper but the memories are still in my mind.

Pomp belongs in museum

Anthony Craven, by email

The royalist, GA Rowlett, (YEP October 17) calls us republicans “cowards”, as the royals cannot reply. Kettle and pot - as he belittles Blair and Cameron!

A “constitutional monarchy” means a monarchy limited to the role of a mere figurehead, with no more influence in ruling than an old sailing ship’s figurehead in setting the ship’s course.

When the Queen opens parliament she says in her speech: “My Government will ....”. A list of what WE have told her to say! The Queen’s opening of Parliament reminds us that most of the pomp around the monarchy belongs in a museum or circus. The Household Cavalry costs vast sums for a few minutes’ annual show.

Converting The Horse Guards’ buildings into accommodation for MPs would be an appropriate use and save money.

As Christmas approaches, there’s a good precedent for stable housing. Maybe even some of their qualities may rub off on MPs. The horses into retirement. A satisfactory solution for them and us.