YEP Letters: October 21

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PCSO funding should be prioritised

Councillor Jonathan Bentley, Weetwood ward

I am writing with regards to your article on the potential reduction of police and community support officers (PCSOs) (YEP October 16).

This is an issue which will have a huge impact on the communities within which we all live.

PCSOs are well respected in their communities, providing a reassuring presence on the streets and helping out residents in many different ways. With the latest reports of an eight per cent increase in recorded crime this year, these officers are more important than ever. I do understand the financial pressures that both the police and the council are under but slashing the numbers of PCSOs is both short-sighted and unfair to our communities.

The council has a choice to make on how it spends its budget and I believe that continuing to fund PCSOs should be the council’s priority.The council has a chance here to prove to people across the city that their safety is paramount.

I can only hope that they make the right choice.


City needs iconic buildings

John Martin, by email

Further to your report about a hotel in the Merrion Centre being redeveloped, I was dismayed to see that Councillor Neil Walshaw tells us that ‘I don’t think it needs to be an iconic location, it just needs to pass muster.’

Surely the Arena district as it is now being called, is the nearest thing Leeds has to an iconic location. Why else would all that development, including the new Arena, be going on?

Leeds desperately needs iconic structures and quality building, not just things that ‘pass muster’. Councillor Walshaw is guilty of the woefully mediocre Civic Hall thinking that has held Leeds back for decades.

If the civic leaders of Manchester, Liverpool and all our other commercial rivals see that statement, they will be laughing their socks off at Leeds, yet again. Isn’t it fortunate that the civic leaders of Ancient Greece, Renaissance Italy and London were not as limited in their thinking, vision and ambition as our own Councillor Walshaw? Wasn’t the city of Sydney lucky that their elected representatives did not just want an Opera House that only ‘passed muster’? Or Liverpool with its iconic waterfront Liver Building or even little Portsmouth with its imaginative and iconic Spinnaker Tower? Thanks mainly to the vision, initiative and drive of Sir Gary Verity and his staff, Leeds was getting the most positive publicity it has ever had following the Grand Depart. Was Councillor Walshaw also one of those who decided to move the main Tourist Information Office to a cubby hole beneath the Library, well away from the arrival points of any visitors to Leeds? Or did he join the gang? These people most certainly do not ‘pass muster’.

No overnight success

John Harrison, Harrogate

Massimo Cellino has not got one clue on how to run a big football club. He’s sacked Uwe Rosler, has he not realised that changing the coach every three months means Leeds will NEVER be successful, it will just lurch from one catastrophe to another over and over again.

I accept that he had paid out a lot of money bringing in seven young classy players BUT it takes time for them to settle in and gel may be a full season or even two.

The successful clubs understand this and hang on and wait for the players to get it together and realise the coaches methods are working in their favour, it NEVER happens overnight.

It didn’t happen overnight for the Rhinos either it took years to get them to the place they are at this year...at the very top. Cellino should learn that you just cannot buy success.

Looks like I’ll stay with the Rhinos now but being a Loiner I am really gutted at the at the shameful way my home football club is being run and the cavalier attitude he has to his staff, it’s appalling.

Confusion over recycling

Rev Robin Paterson, Leeds 15

Yesterday I threw two fairly large indestructible containers into my black bin.

One was marked PS6 and the other PP5. They contained products sold by all major supermarkets and according to Leeds City Council’s recycling advice are not acceptable in the green bin. They represent a large amount of packaging that the council cannot process.

Some packaging from major brand names offers no marking whatsoever, and some markings are so small that anyone with sight problems would not be able to read let alone find the mark on the packaging.

Another gripe is that in the call to keep personal details secure we should shred sensitive papers.

That then means that the paper cannot be recycled according to advice. It is time for Leeds to revisit its recycling mission, update details and for manufacturers of packaging to show more responsibility in marking their products for easy to read (and find) markings.

EU membership U-turn

Terry Watson, Adel

Lord Rose, former M&S chairman has done a U-turn on our EU membership. Six months ago he was a Euro sceptic and signed an open letter from industry bosses warning “businesses face ever more burdens from Brussels”.

Now he has changed camps and is now a prominent supporter of the Britain stronger in Europe group.

It’s amazing what difference a peerage can make and Cameron dishes them out like sweets to anyone who can help his cause. How hypocritical of the former M&S chairman to say that “the quitters risk the nation’s prosperity”. For years M&S stores have been selling goods from all over the world. I counted garments in one of their stores from eleven different countries outside the EU, and found none from Europe.

These countries are doing fantastic trade with Europe and don’t have to pay £350 million a week for the privilege as we have to. No wonder Merkel wants Britain to stay in.

The EU would soon collapse without the £12 billion a year we pay into it, plus 40 percent of the £12 billion a year of our overseas aid which is taken with no audit trail whatsoever.

Cameron is so generous with our money, and must be looking forward to first class seat on the EU gravy train when he quits after the next election.