YEP Letters: October 17

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Concerned by the latest wave of strikes by NHS workers, Howard Barry of Shadwell suggested that if they paid less tax or no tax at all it would be fairer reward for their work.

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Of course they should pay tax! They do a great job but everyone else’s tax will go up to pay for it.

Mark Threlfall

Who next? Teachers? Council employees? Armed forces personnel?

Considering they are paid out of taxes too, it would be fuel to the fires of dissent.

Mick Lucani

I have seen some nurses’ wage slips and they get a lot more than I do and a lot more than some people think they get.

Stephen Morton

They should just be paid a decent wage. Especially those on the front line dealing with patients. Not the management who just pen push and decide whose job’s going next!

Melanie Sharp

No, by doing that, the Government will be forced to increase the tax rate for other industries which means just because you’re not in the stated industry, you are punished by paying higher taxes.

Brandon Sedgwick

Anyone who moans about the public servants is pathetic. They should be paid a lot more than they are and we should be grateful for what they do!

Michael Jackson

Of course they should pay taxes. They do a job, not perform miracles.

David March

I work for a company that provides water, should I pay no tax? We all need water.

Giles Phillips

I knew what job I was signing up for and I knew the wage... but not all careers are about money.

Natalie Poppins

A better idea would be a 20 per cent pay cut across the board but with no taxes to pay.

The ratio of money in and money out of the Government purse would stay the same but millions would be saved on administration costs.

Dax Hewitt

In Australia they allow staff in the care industry to earn extra before they pay tax but the extra has conditions.

We pay this extra money directly to our mortgage.

Cheryl Edwards

Try telling your kids we can’t get those Christmas presents or take a holiday because mum loves her job so much that we don’t need to be paid a fair wage for it.

Nursing is now a profession, not a vocation.

Chris Stuart

Nice idea, but I agree we should pay taxes. I also think we should get pay rises linked with rising inflation. Not to mention all the extra hours worked without pay.

If the Government had to pay every nurse/health care worker for hours worked the NHS would be in a terrible state.

Maggie Thorne

Pension reform a good idea

I see that the Government is planning on enabling people to have more direct control over their own pension savings.

I personally see this as being a good idea, making saving for your future more flexible and freeing one from the restrictions to take often poor values annuities.

The ability to take out portions of your savings to spend it as you wish gives the saver more power but with it comes more responsibility.

My concern is what will happen to those who choose to take out money and leave themselves short when they reach state pension age, which will be at least 10 years after you can start plundering your pension.

Currently people get all sorts of benefits based on the savings they have at the time of application.

What will happen if two people get to pension age but one has spent the bulk of their pension pot and the other, who has had the same pensions savings, still has it.

Will the spendthrift still get support?

If that is the case then it is clearly unfair, and if this legislation comes in then the amount of benefits one gets in future should be based on the amount they have earned through life, with the assumption that they will have saved.

If this means people have no savings and have to live on the basic state pension then tough. I don’t see why those who are careful with their money should support those who may have earnt the same as them through life but are financially irresponsible.

Ivan Kovacks, Leeds

Just suspend Ebola flights

With regards to Ebola – wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper and more effective to suspend all flights in and out of the infected areas? Quite simple.

Brenda Levett, Rothwell

Quiz calls are just a big con

Why are countless TV programmes allowed to promote what they laughingly call “quizzes” when the answers would be perfectly obvious to my six-year-old grandson?

What they are actually encouraging viewers stupid enough to take part is to enter into a prize draw, which is totally different from a competition.

In a competition, you need to know the answer. What they are are doing is generating income from premium rate phone calls.

Jack Banner, Meanwood

Mistake to lose the tax disc

THE general public is now about to lose a means of helping to keep illegal cars off the roads

A tax disc will not be displayed on the car and a member of the public will not know if it is legally on the road, or not.

An out-of-date tax disc on display would immediately settle that.

M Wadley, Harrogate.

Give them a wheelbarrow

TIME WAS when graves in cemeteries were further apart, and the “temporary” dumping of newly dug soil could be left to one side of the grave being dug, without causing any problems.

Nowadays of course, even though we have more cremations, this free space seems to have all but disappeared, witness your article about soil being dumped on another family’s grave nearby, and plants having to be dug up and then replanted (YEP, October 8).

The solution seems obvious, and does not require more staff to be employed.

All the council has to do is to provide the grave-diggers with wheelbarrows.

As many as may be required, so that the soil can be neatly wheeled away, stored in the wheelbarrow, and then returned when necessary.

It would also solve the problem of having to move plants, because as a gardener I have to tell you that some do not take lightly to being displaced – left for however long, out of the ground, and then replanted – even if you do it at their optimum time, and all plants have different times when you can move them.

Quite a number of them, once their roots have been disturbed in this way, will never grow again, and the mourners must then have to buy replacements.

This then causes more heartache if the plant itself was a treasured one, bought especially in memory of the deceased loved one.

Come on, Leeds City Council, have a heart – apologising for the inconvenience, etc is of no use, and in fact is downright insulting to the bereaved.

Just because the grave has been there some time, it doesn’t mean the families are not still grieving.

Denise Marsden, Cookridge

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