YEP Letters: October 16

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James Bovington, of Horsforth, said that if Leeds-Bradford Airport was going to expand to meet future demand it needed a rail link to a new station under the terminal building with links to both the Harrogate and Ilkley lines.

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A train line is essential. It is so easy to get to Manchester Airport by train, anyone who uses the airport train to go to Manchester can see how popular it is.

The trains are full of people with suitcases – people of all nationalities.

More space is needed for suitcases but the line is successful, as I am sure Transpennine would agree.

Airport parking can be an expensive addition to holiday costs so a rail line would cut costs for all.

Mary Barker-Read

A rail line from Leeds makes sense, but to Ilkley? How many people in Ilkley use the airport?

Andrew Lawson

A train line has long been needed.

Steven Batty

Move the airport to where the M1/A1 and M62 intersect.

The present one is too small and disconnected.

Russell Crosswell

A rail link would be a fantastic solution.

It would also encourage more airlines to use the airport, meaning more (and cheaper due to competition) places to travel.

A Harrogate line spur from just above Horsforth would be ideal.

Matthew Wharton

The Department for Transport have commissioned a report on it – findings due back at the end of the year.

Robert Slatcher

A rail link would be great – lessen traffic problems and it would be much quicker.

Alison Dean

A rail link would be the best way to get people to and from the airport.

Let’s just wait and see what the report has to say.

Bryan Littlewood

It’s daft that we don’t have a train station at the airport, it would make much more sense than waiting for a unreliable bus service.

Robert Dickinson

Too much to distract drivers

Those who study such things have suggested that the new voice-activated smartphones and dashboard infotainment systems could make drivers even more distracted, rather than less.

Well could it also be that road humps, ramps, traffic calming measures, speed cameras, bus lanes and multiple traffic signs, as well as careless pedestrians, and the unpredictable, often extremely dangerous manoeuvres of cyclists, also increase the risk of errors?

Too many things to think about all at once, especially at peak traffic times. Unfortunately, as we all know, these things will not persuade careless drivers to mend their ways.

Just as a point of interest the word ‘infotainment’, although unusual, has apparently been in use since the 80s, and obviously includes other concentration-breaking items such as CD players, satnavs, heater controls as well as others on the dashboard.

Is it any wonder that drivers can easily become distracted, without adding more, either in or outside the vehicle?

Ernest Lundy, Beeston

Another rise in car park charge

The current economic news is that inflation is nose diving and other prices coming down as well. But not when it comes to car parking charges at Crossgates Shopping Centre. It is not long ago that their charges went up 25 per cent. Now another 20 per cent to £1.20.

If shops or businesses did the same they would go bust. We need parking at the centre and many shopping outlets make no charge at all unless we vastly overstay our parking.

There have been no improvements at the car park but the increase in profits just keeps driving in. Very nice.

John Theobald, Garforth

Think big on transport

Amazing plans for South Leeds (YEP, October 14), pity that they seem to incorporate the outdated/inflexible trolleybus – but that’s Leeds vision for you. Why does no one on our council think really big – underground, extra rail capacity, combining the bus and train stations, instead of single line running through some of Leeds’s most outstanding conservation areas and also through a pedestrian walkway in the Whitfields?

Margaret Thompson, Far Headingley

Reunion of the class of ‘59

I WAS very interested in the old boys’ reunion of 1959 at Roundhay School (YEP, October 11).

The late Mr R Morant should have been there too. I am sure he was in spirit. He always attended the Memorial Race for Arthur Aaron VC at Becketts Park and St Mark’s Running Club.

What has happened to Arthur Aaron’s statue, wrongly placed (in my opinion) in Eastgate?

R Edmondson, Whitkirk

History shows we never give in

I AM just one of many millions who live in this great country of ours.

In a thousand years we have had many wars and famines.

In the last war the Germans tried to destroy our way of life, dropped thousands of bombs and killed thousands of people, but we are still here. Yet there are many sick people hoping we will give in to their way of life.

Just read the history of this country. We will never give in.

J Taylor, Leeds

Temple Newsam visit thanks

I WOULD like to say a big thank you to all the guides at Temple Newsam who recently helped us so much and gave us a wealth of information as we showed a dear French couple around the house and along the passages under the house.

We cannot speak French too well so it would have been a welcome help if there had been some French audio units, handy for the couple, as we couldn’t convey all the information from the guides to them.

Nevertheless, we muddled through somehow.

An enjoyable morning to remember always. Many thanks.

S Welbourne, Crossgates

Historic vote on Palestine

The House of Commons has voted by a majority of 274 to 12 “That this House believes that the Government should recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel, as a contribution to securing a negotiated two state solution.”

This was an historic vote. Not in itself binding in law, but this resolution should put some increasing pressure on the UK government, especially any incoming Labour government, to give its legal recognition to Palestine as a state. Such governmental recognition would be binding on the UK and a step towards the too long delayed recognition of Palestine as a state throughout the world under international law.

I seek to mention this matter in your columns because the MP for my constituency, Rachel Reeves, a member of the Labour Party and of the shadow government, expressed her opposition to the motion and abstained on the vote. Would Rachel be abstaining if this were about Watford?

Palestine is as entitled as Israel to have its people and its land protected by international law and the international community.

Mike Harwood, Kirkstall

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